No MUSIC but Enjoy Sounds of BUZZING Mosquitoes at Kadri Park Musical Fountain for Just Rs 10?

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No MUSIC but Enjoy Sounds of BUZZING Mosquitoes at Kadri Park Musical Fountain for Just Rs 10?

Mangaluru: Next time you plan on visiting the musical fountain located at the Kadri Deer Park, please don’t forget to carry with you Odomos or any other mosquito repellent, if not you will exit out of the park with mosquito bites on your skin not covered by clothing. That’s the present situation of the Rs 5 crore Musical Fountain inside the Kadri Deer Park, which was inaugurated in the year 2018. After its launch, I have been there only twice, since the fountain went dead within a year. Can you believe that a Rs 5 crore project was totally neglected, and no maintenance/repairs were done once it stopped working, until this day? Wow, the only ones that are enjoying the park/musical fountain are the happy mosquitoes and a bunch of stray dogs. Hats off to Mangaluru City Corporation which boasts of being a Smart City, and this is what we are seeing of their state-of-the-art project?

And there is also one more reason that they couldn’t keep up the cost of maintaining and running the musical fountain because people were reluctant to pay the Rs 50 entrance fee which was introduced in 2018, and a few months prior to that entry for the park was free. And also that many visitors were scared to visit Mangalore due to a bunch of moral policing incidents going on- thanks to the saffron activists for their kind gesture? However, like it is an ongoing thing when new projects are done, many Congress Netas involved in the project probably got their kickbacks. And now it is the turn of BJP Netas to come up with a new tender in order to fix the non-functional musical fountain- and once it starts running again for a few days and then stops- but by then a few greedy politicians have already filled their pockets with big bucks. That’s a routine thing- no matter which political party is in power.


It was on 21 March 2015, the then Minister for Urban Development, Vinay Kumar Sorake, had laid the foundation stone for the Musical fountain by unveiling the plaque at the Deer Park Kadri. In his inaugural speech, Sorake had said that there was a demand for the musical fountain, and building a musical fountain in Kadri park was the dream of MLA J R Lobo who was striving hard to grant this project through MUDA. “We have collected Rs 5 crore for this project as a special fund after the Congress came to power in the state,” said Sorake on that day.

This is Now Musical Fountain is Rusting (Resting) in Piece (Peace) R.I.P:

Well said by Vinay Kumar Sorake, because on 18 April 2017 MLA J R Lobo did the first Inspection trial run of the unique Musical Fountain at Kadri Park, and it was a success, and everyone cheered who had gathered to witness the fabulous display, including laser show. And on that day Lobo said, “This is a unique project for Mangaluru and only a few cities in Karnataka have it. In Mangaluru we need to have one of the best Musical Fountains. As the State government has sanctioned a large chunk of money we will invite Chief Minister Siddaramaiah to inaugurate the Musical Fountain”.

And within a few months with determination and full efforts put in by MLA Lobo the musical park was completed soon, and was opened by the then chief minister Siddaramaiah on 7 January 2018., and the entrance was FREE of charge, which attracted a huge gathering. But once an entry fee of Rs 50 (for adults) Rs 25 (for children) was collected, effective from 20 April 2018, the crowd became less, which was one reason that the management couldn’t keep up with the expenses for maintenance and repairs- and for that, we are now seeing a DEAD MUSICAL FOUNTAIN!

It is learnt that the decision taken to charge entry fee is for the fact, the project had cost nearly Rs 7 crore, and it costs nearly Rs 90,000 a month towards the maintenance, including electricity charges paid to MESCOM. It is also learnt that the amount collected through the entry fee will be used towards the project cost, maintenance, power and water bills, and future upgrading of the Amusement Park. But for those who are reluctant to pay an entry fee, you can still do your walking/jogging/exercise/yoga etc FREE of cost at the nearby Kadri Park.

When Team Mangalorean had done a report earlier, speaking to us, then MUDA Commissioner Srikant Rao had said, ”Until now MUDA had taken the responsibility of undertaking all the expenses incurred at the Park towards Maintenance, which is around Rs 90,000, plus the power and water charges, including other minor services. Pretty soon the responsibility will be handed over to the horticultural department which will have to raise revenue towards the maintenance cost. We have also decided to charge an additional fee for the parking facility. Even joggers who use the deer park will also have to pay a minimum fee, the amount is yet to be decided”.

All that you see now in the musical fountain pond is a large number of mosquitoes making buzzing sounds, and all set to suck your blood. Apart from that, you can also hear the croaking of frogs when it gets dark. Wow-what a nice time to enjoy the true nature sounds of Buzz and Croak all for a reasonable price of Rs 10, the ticket money used for park area development, as it is mentioned on the ticket. The dilapidated condition of the Musical Fountain should be attributed to the negligence of the concerned officials, and lack of maintenance workers.

The musical fountain is surrounded by wild grass, never cut or trimmed for years. There could be wild reptiles like snakes etc hidden in these bushes. Very sad to see the water pumps and pipes in the musical fountain area all rusted, and since they have been left in that condition for long, they may need a huge amount to make it run again. Even when you take a stroll inside the deer park, you will notice a bunch of plants dried up, and a few water ponds are filled with stagnant water and our happy mosquitoes, having a leisurely swim time!

As they say “Better Late Than Never”, someone with common sense should come forward, either from MCC or MSCL, and work out a plan in restoring this dilapidated musical fountain back into running mode, and start entertaining the people again.


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