No ‘Namaskara’ & ‘Solmelu’ from PM Modi during His Speech at Goldfinch City Grounds on Sept 2

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No ‘Namaskara’ & ‘Solmelu’ from PM Modi during His Speech at Goldfinch City Grounds on Sept 2

Mangaluru: A few Tulu organizations had launched a massive campaign to get recognition for Tulu, a Dravidian language, which some scholars suggest has a history that dates back 2,000 years ago, and it is being ramped up before PM Modi’s visit. Tulu groups had conducted major Twitter and postcard campaigns to get the government’s attention. On 30 August, a Twitter campaign was launched seeking official recognition for the Tulu language in Karnataka, and also to include Tulu in the Eighth Schedule of the Constitution, and they were using Modi’s visit to raise a long-standing demand. Hashtags like #TuluTo8thSchedule and #TuluOfficialinKA_KL are still trending on Twitter with the demand.

Tulu people were anticipating PM Modi’s visit could help in promoting the Tulu language, but all in vain since PM left them disappointed. Prior to PM’s visit on his Twitter account Jayaprasad tagged the handles of PM Modi, HMO India, CM of Karnataka, Nalin Kateel etc. saying “As the Prime Minister was coming to Tulunadu, the expectations of Tulu people were high. It seems that he is coming to Tulunadu only to announce the legal status of Tulu,”

According to the Tulu organisations, Tulu-speaking people are larger in number than speakers of a few languages that were recognised in the Constitution. Tulu language is eligible to be recognised under the Eighth Schedule and yet they have failed somewhere to get Tulu language its due prominence, they feel. In 2003, though efforts were made to include Tulu in the Eighth Schedule of the Constitution, only Bodi, Dohgri, Maithili and Santali languages were incorporated.

However, the people of Tulunadu, who were expecting a favourable decision, or at least a mention of the inclusion of Tulu in the Eighth Schedule of the Constitution, were left disappointed on 2 September during PM Modi’s speech at Goldfinch City grounds. Soon after an announcement of the Prime Minister’s visit to Mangaluru was made, people had taken to social media to express this demand. On several occasions, BJP state president Nalin Kumar Kateel and several BJP leaders in the state had promised that this long-pending demand will be met at the earliest.

However, the Prime Minister did not speak a word about it. A Tulu activist said, “Generally when VVIPs visit a place, they tend to use a few words in the local language, as opening remarks. However, nothing like that happened this time. Yet, we were hoping that he would address this demand at the end of his speech, which never happened. The CM looked tired today.”

Meanwhile, several netizens took to social media, to express similar sentiments. Congress spokesperson Lavanya Ballal @LavanyaBallal tweeted: “Modi did not address the concerns of Tuluva, be it language, development, jobs or good infrastructure.”

Shrinivas Karkala@s_karkala wrote: “What happened to adding Tulu, a language spoken by over 20 lakh people, to the eighth schedule of the constitution? No word from Modi.” Posting a picture of an empty vessel, Chombu that denotes empty promise in the local dialect, @TaulavaSpeaks tweeted: “As always Gift given by State and Central Govts to Tulu Language, Tulunadu and Tuluvas.”

Meanwhile, Tuluver Kudla, Tulunadu Vara Patrike and a neighbourhood tv channel had collectively held a marketing campaign to ship postcards addressed to Prime Minister Narendra Modi demanding the inclusion of Tulu within the Eighth Schedule of the Structure. The marketing campaign started in the border village Banjaru Male on September 1 at 10:30 a.m. Tuluver Kudla president Prateek Poojary stated that the inclusion of Tulu within the Eighth Schedule of the Structure has been a long-pending subject.

He added, stating that although the Kannada and Tradition Minister Arvind Limbavali had assured them of getting Tulu included within the Eighth Schedule at the earliest, nothing has occurred thus far. The State authorities have additionally thus far not recognised Tulu as an extra State language. Over the years, several organisations have cropped up such as Jai Tulunad, Tulunad Okkuta, Tuluver Kudla, Yuva Tulunad, Tulupiedia, Tulunadu Nirmana Sene, and Tuluvas Council, among others, to achieve the goal of getting official recognition for their language Tulu.


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  1. This type of finger pointing will not buy Cong I any more vote share. Just wait. BJP will win all the seats in Coastal Karnataka.

  2. This function was not political it was development programme of India he cannot give personal touch. He addressed his speech to India Bharat mata ki jai

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