No Release of Convicted Murderer Praveen-Seetharam Gurpur & Family Salutes Media

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No Release of Convicted Murderer Praveen Kumar Sappaliga -Seetharam Gurpur & Family Salutes Media for their wide coverage and support

Mangaluru: Following the report published on on 5 August 2022 –

‘Releasing A Convicted Murderer on I-Day is Injustice & Insult to Us’- Family Member

a Family Member 71-year-old Seetharam Gurpur had said recalling the murder, where Praveen Kumar Sappaliga from Uppinangady had killed four of his relatives in greed for money and jewellery, and even though he was given the death penalty, later the Supreme Court changed the verdict to Life Imprisonment- and the family members of the victims were upset that the government was releasing the same murderer on 15 August 2022, marking 75 years of India Independence.

Seetharam had tried all his efforts to meet the SP, MP and MLAs in order to stop the release of Praveen on 15 August. In the first phase, the Karnataka state prisons department had identified 84 inmates, now serving life imprisonment, who will be set free. and among these 84 inmates, Praveen Kumar who had murdered the four family members was on that release list. Of the 84, 81 inmates have completed two-thirds of their term. These inmates will be released on August 15, 2022. In the second and the third phases, more prisoners will be released on January 26, 2023, and August 15, 2023.

Praveen Kumar Sappaliga (age around 61)

However, NOT ELIGIBLE under this special remission are those- Convicts on death row and convicts serving life imprisonment; Inmates convicted for dowry deaths; Inmates involved in terrorist activities; Inmates convicted for counterfeiting currency notes and for money laundering; Inmates convicted for the offence of rape, human trafficking and POCSO cases; and Inmates convicted for corruption. Therefore the family was hoping that the man who killed their loved ones falls in this category, and won’t be let out.
The MHA guidelines clearly mention that Death sentence convicts are NOT ELIGIBLE to be let free. “Praveen Kumar does not fall in the Eligibility criteria, as per ministry of home affairs guidelines for the special remission. It was a landmark ruling by a lady judge for ‘death row’ which was later excused and converted to ‘life sentence’. There’s surely foul play involved here. He cannot be let out on the basis of ‘Good behaviour’ as he doesn’t qualify for the social remission in the first place,” had said Seetharam.

Seetharam in his letter to the concerned authorities had mentioned -“Kindly give us justice and do not release such a dangerous and cold-blooded murderer for the welfare of my family and the society. It’s a big shame for our 75th Independence Day that you are releasing him. There is still no proper law and order existing even now. We are getting the feeling of the injustice that happened in the famous Shivamogga Harsha murder case. It will be a black day for our country and a heartbreaking experience for all my family members if he is released”. For more details click on the article link above)
And today has been GOOD NEWS for the FAMILY that the government has put on hold the release of convicted murderer Praveen Kumar. In the meantime, Ms Sneha Gurpur has submitted the following statements to Team Mangalorean/ –

“This is a letter from my soul directly to yours. I hope what I truly feel in my heart, I can put it across to you all. This is from me and my dad, Seetharama Gurpur and his family and all the witnesses and supporters of the POWERFUL MEDIA OF INDIA.

I would like to SALUTE THE MEDIA just like how anyone would SALUTE THE INDIAN FLAG 🇮🇳 WITH RESPECT. A BIG SALUTE from SEETHARAMA GURPUR AND FAMILY to the ENTIRE MEDIA in Mangaluru as well as in Bengaluru who helped carry such important news to the citizens of India.

This note is also a salute to my 71-year-old father Seetharama Gurpur who I feel is not only BOLD but also FEARLESS with a STRONG & POWERFUL VOICE that did not only reach the police, media, politicians, and Police Commissioner of Mangaluru but also reached the Honourable Home Minister Araga Jnanendra. In his hand JUSTICE PREVAILED. We would all like to give a BIG SALUTE to him and everyone who helped us to win.

INDIA IS A DEMOCRATIC COUNTRY where our voice can be heard and we are the people to bring the change. IF YOU WANT CHANGE OR JUSTICE THEN YOU BE THE VOICE, YOU BE THE CHANGE. I hope my 71-year-old father could inspire many.

On our 75th Independence Day celebration, we would like to hoist and salute our INDIAN FLAG by standing at attention, tall and straight, with the left arm at the side, and placing the right hand over the heart. Thank you for not letting it be a BLACK DAY for us INDIANS, MAY WE ALL ONLY SHINE BRIGHTER.

Beautifully said by Lois McMaster Bujold -“The dead cannot cry out for justice; it is a duty of the living to do so for them.” A BIG SALUTE AND RESPECT TO THE ENTIRE MEDIA.

Kind regards
Ms Sneha Gurpur

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