NO ROAD, NO VOTE! Banner by Bejai Nodu Lane Residents to Boycott Elections

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NO ROAD, NO VOTE! Banner by Bejai Nodu Lane Residents to Boycott Elections- Yes, Elections Come, Elections Go, but these Residents are yet to get a refurbished Road for months

Mangaluru: The lack of a proper road adversely impacts the residents as they struggle to commute/move around. Now, the residents of Nodu Lane connecting Bejai New Road have threatened to boycott the upcoming assembly elections unless their dilapidated road gets a concreted road. Frustrated and out of anger, they have put up a banner threatening to boycott upcoming elections. The residents say that all the requests for a proper road had so far fallen on deaf ears, and they have been facing hardships commuting without a safe and decent road. They want the road to be in a proper condition to avoid traffic congestion, but until now no one has listened to their woes. They also want the work which is going at a slow pace to speed up which leads to Ramakrishna Bhajana Mandira.

Residents complain that the Nodu lane has been in a pathetic condition for more than a year, and after it was dug up by Gail for gas pipe laying, it has worsened. The movement of traffic on this lane has led to congestion and chaos, and despite volunteers doing their best to manage the movement of vehicles on both ends of the lane, people are wasting lots of time commuting without a proper solution implemented.

Resident Suresh who has to commute to work daily on this pathetic lane, speaking to Team Mangalorean said, “It’s been too long. We have endured a lot. While we go to work and our children go to school and come back, it takes lots of time. The safety of the elders and children is a big issue in this locality due to the lack of a proper road. While our politicians and MCC officials have plans and money to spend on renaming roads and circles, they should also keep in mind to repair the roads. We want our kids to have a better future, this time this entire residential area will stay away from casting our votes, no matter which party the candidate belongs to. No vote if we don’t get the road repaired and that is 100 percent sure”.

Ms Leticia, expressing the hardship she faces daily commuting on this lane said, “We have been facing inconveniences for nearly a year ever since this lane was torn up, either for utility work or laying of gas pipeline. With residents living in nearly 150 homes, commuting on this lane has been treacherous. It should be noted that there are two roads connecting Nodu lane, one from Bejai new road and another from Ramakrishna Bhajana Mandira. Simultaneously, the concrete work of the new road and also that of Bhajana Mandira road created a mess. Another problem is that only one four-wheeler can pass on the said road here at a time. The bad part is that when we have one more oncoming vehicle, it leads to a roadblock and with both the sides of the concrete road having deep edges, is a safety hazard”.

Sources reveal that this isn’t the first time that the residents have raised the issue of the lack of good roads in their area, but all her requests have been ignored either by the corporator or MCC officials. However, residents say they have little faith in these pre-election promises. “We have suffered enough. Now it is too much. With the present condition of this road, we are looking at accidents soon. This time, we will not vote in the coming elections if we do not get the road,” said an angry elderly lady, with little tears in her eyes.

“My stomach often hurts because I have to ride my cycle on this bad road. If I ride slowly, I get late for school and get punished. If I ride fast on this bad road, my stomach hurts and I find it hard to focus on my classes. I wish I do not have to suffer for no fault of mine,” said a student of a school in Bejai. So this report is for the kind consideration of the local MLA, area ward corporator and other officials in MCC, to think twice and rectify the problems of the residents of Bejai Nodu Lane, to get their VOTES!

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  1. Dear MLA, as this road work is started by you in Bhajan Mandir and its going on from 3 months now, please complete it soon as we are suffering.
    We can call the corporator any time who also had arranged 2 people for traffic to get smoother, but that’s not the final solution here as this is handled by your team. One call to your office, there are 20 questions asked by your PA’s and they say we will get back.

  2. Very True

    This is the problem in most areas where Corporator is from Congress and our Dear MLA from BJP. MLA Sleeps for 4 Years 8 months and when 4 months left for elections starts digging all over without involving the local corporators just to get some votes..
    Problems Corporator, inaugurations MLA

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