‘Not Just an Actor, An Proud Aloysian Too’- Cinestar Jyothish Shetty at ‘Aloysius Annual Fest 2022’

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‘Not Just an Actor, An Proud Aloysian Too’- Cinestar Jyothish Shetty at ‘Aloysius Annual Fest 2022’

Mangaluru: It was again that time of the year that St Aloysius College (Autonomous) Mangaluru with a history of 142 years in existence hosted ONE of the BIGGEST & MEGA Fest named the “ALOYSIAN ANNUAL FEST 2022” which was kicked off today, Friday 6 May 2022 in the Mother Teresa Peace Park,located in the College campus. St Aloysius Institutions/College has the motto ‘Lucet et Ardet’ which means ‘Shine to Enkindle’. The institution has committed itself to spread the light of knowledge and wisdom by forming men and women for others who are academically accomplished, emotionally balanced and morally upright powerful sources for the transformation of the society.

‘Aloysian Fest 2022’ kicked-off with the inaugural ceremony presided over by the Rector of St. Aloysius institutions, Rev.Fr. Melwin Pinto, SJ, in the presence of the Principal, Rev. Dr Praveen Martis SJ; and Tulu and Kannada Cinestar Jyothish Shetty, who is also an alumni of St Aloysius Institutions since his primary schooling until graduation. St Aloysius College Finance Officer Fr Vincent Pinto SJ, Dr Alwyn D’sa-the Registrar of College, Dr Hemachandra-the staff coordinator of the Fest, among HOD’s and student council leaders were present on the dais.

Prior to the inauguration, the programme began with a prayer song ‘”How Great Thou Art” invoking God’s blessing by the College Choir, followed by a welcome dance by six college girls. The welcome address was delivered by Dr Hemachandra-the staff coordinator of the Fest. Principal Fr Praveen Martis SJ speaking said, “Glad to note that today’s chief guest is an alumnus of this institution, and has reached greater heights in his acting field. He has worked hard with dedication and commitment to reach where he is now. Therefore you students should follow in his footsteps. Art is an effort to create, beside the real world, a more human world. And this Fest will give the students an ample opportunity to unleash their hidden art, talents in the cultural field, sports field, commerce, and many others. Art, Freedom and Creativity will change society faster than politics. If you think some people are just born that way (and you’re not one of them), think again. Experts say we all have a wellspring of creative energy. The secret is how to tap it. So make the best use of this Fest, and show what talents you have, and come out in flying colors. Best of luck”.

Chief Guest Jyothish Shetty said, “It is indeed a privilege for me to be invited here as the Chief Guest, since I am an alumnus of this institution having done schooling and college here. This institution has shaped my life. Even though these days education has become a business, St Aloysius Institution has still kept its reputation and standards as a great educational institution. You need to be happy in life, forget all your worries and stay away from stress and depression. Staying happy is more than anything in life. This Fest brings out the energy and talents among youth. I see so much life here, with enthusiastic and energetic students all geared up to unleash their talents during this 2-day Fest, which we never had during our college days. The fun and frolic during my college days was different from the present trend, but very lively and energetic. This Fest brings out the energy and talents among youth.

“This is a institution which provides all the state-of-the-art facilities, Knowledgeable Faculty, Moral Values and much more, and that’s the reason students are eagerly waiting to join this college. You need to keep your interest alive. And during the Fest, winning is not important, but your participation that counts. Academics is important, together you need to shine in co-curricular activities, and Fests like this one, is an opportunity to explore your talents and art. We need to remain human in the process. Indulge yourself in various activities, and keep yourself occupied. And remember to always remain HAPPY in life “. added Shetty.

Rector Fr Melwin Pinto SJ in his presidential address said, “Feels proud to note that the chief guest is an Aloysian product. When you really want something, sometimes you have to swim a little deeper. You can’t give up just because things don’t come easy. You have to overcome the obstacles and face your fears. But in the end, it’s all worthwhile. Life is full of ups and downs, but if you believe in yourself, you will always come through with flying colors. Value friendship, love and faith. Never underestimate yourself. Believe in yourself! This Fest is one where you can really show your talents and prove your capacities and energy. I like to congratulate the students for their uniqueness in putting up this event. Wish you all success in your participation in the Fest”.

The vote of thanks was proposed by the Student Council President Vijoy Cardoza, following which the dignitaries inaugurated the Science Exhibition “INSCIGNIS” , where there were a bunch of displays on creative science. The dignitaries went around and inaugurated a bunch of other Fest events, including the Food Arena. The formal inaugural programme was eloquently compered by Miss Sweety Menezes and Swaroop Shetty-IIIrd year degree students. A Glow Art portrait of Cineartist Jyothish Shetty done by Miss Ashratha Rai, a Final Year BCA student at St Aloysius College on stage was presented to Jyothish Shetty on the occasion.

In conclusion, while the chief guest was proud to say that “He Is An Aloysian”, similarly I also feel proud to say that “An Aloysian is Always An Aloysian”, being an alumnus of this institution having completed my B Sc in 1982. And for that matter, today’s Chief Guest was my college mate. Yes, no doubt Aloysian Fest is a distinctive event organized by St Aloysius college for the students, where this year the fest has attracted quite a few colleges.

The events that are going to take place during the two-day fest are :


conducted and organized by the B.sc students to teach you all to transcend, to be better than your previous selves, as they blend together the magic potion of Science, Creativity, Mystery and Wisdom.


Organized by the B.Com students, it creates an opportunity for showcasing the participants’ capability to handle a fast-paced, dynamic
and scintillating environment.


Organized by the students of BBA which is a multidimensional event, designed to test the participant’s ability to collaborate various aspects of the business domain into the real time corporate world.


conducted by the students from B.Voc, offering new courses, also opening new doors of and platforms to showcase your skills to the world and
unlocking your true potential in the process.

ANORANZA : (Art Beat)

Fest conducted by the students of BA to showcase your talent in various genres of your artistic and individual capabilities.


Event organized by the students of BCA which helps students to showcase their coding and editing skills .

INSCIGNIS : (Science Model Competition – Exhibition)

“An interdisciplinary amalgamation of science and technology “


A cultural event conducted by St. Aloysius college which consists of traditional and exciting events that act as a catalyst for the budding talents of the participants.


An Inter collegiate Sports Festival, for men and women, on 06 May 2022 at St Aloysius College grounds.

The valedictory ceremony will be held on 7 May at 12 noon at the same venue , presided over by Rev Dr Praveen Martis SJ-the College Principal, and Dr John D’silva- Director of Xavier Block as the Chief Guest.

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