Not Just Humans, Even Animals at ACT Shelter Faced Brunt of Overflowing UGD/Storm Water Drains

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Not Just Humans, Even Stray Animals at Animal Care Trust (ACT ) shelter located in Shakthinagar, Mangaluru Faced the Brunt of Overflowing UGD/Storm Water Drains

Mangaluru: There is a saying that “Dog is Man’s Best Friend”, but here in this situation it looks like the Man/Men in the Mangaluru City Corporation/District administration who are supposed to be Dogs’ Best friends have neglected their concern towards these lovable four-legged furry animals, who are facing the brunt of the problems created by the overflowing of Under Ground Drainage and Storm water drains due to the incessant rains during a couple of days. Why are they doing that is a million-dollar question no one in MCC or District Administration wants to answer.

“When people suffer, animals suffer by default.” says an animal lover dealing with the recent animal suffering due to bad weather conditions that resulted in flooding in many parts of the city. “While we’re enjoying some respite from the cold and rain, weather predictions indicate there’s more cold and more heavy rain coming our way,” he said. When thousands of stray dogs/animals are a contravention of the act to keep animals in conditions affording inadequate protection or shelter against the weather, or in a manner in which an animal is excessively exposed to heat, cold, weather, sun, rain or dust.

Imagine how a stray dog would feel after it was partially submerged with the water reaching his underbelly due to recent City flooding. Frankly speaking, No animal should suffer. That is a pity for the hundreds of neglected stray dogs bearing the brunt of the treacherous monsoons. But on the other hand, we have the Good Samaritans at Animal Care Trust who are dedicated and committed to rescuing hundreds of stray dogs and other animals and nurturing them at the ACT shelter. Their kind contribution towards these neglected stray animals needs to be appreciated wholeheartedly.

And while these Good Samaritans aka Volunteers at ACT are doing their immense best in taking care of these strays with love and affection, unfortunately, the negligence of the district administration and MCC in not rectifying the existing overflow of UDG and stormwater drains are interfering with the service rendered at the ACT facility. The surrounding of the shelter flooded with dirty water and also the interior of the shelter, has put these dedicated animal lovers in hardship in carrying on with their daily work. But the volunteers at ACT would be more grateful to the people who serve as their eyes and ears and take the time to report animals in distress. And also those in district administration and MCC to come to the rescue of ACT when they are facing problems.

However, in a communication to Team Mangalorean from Ms Suma Nayak-the Trustee at Animal Care Trust (ACT) and Ms Irene Machado- a dedicated volunteer at ACT stated, ” We am reaching out to bring your attention to an urgent situation unfolding at Animal Care Trust (ACT), located in Shakthi Nagar. The shelter houses approximately 240 animals, including 170 dogs (consisting of adult sick dogs and puppies), 30 kittens, and various other birds and animals. Due to the heavy rainfall in the area, the shelter and its surroundings have been severely affected and submerged. The drainage systems installed by the UGD dept, MCC, responsible for handling shelter waste, Sanidhya waste, and nearby drainage have overflowed, exacerbating the crisis. The shelter wards house sick and injured animals, and the permanent resident dogs and numerous puppies and kittens, are now facing adverse effects”.

“Under normal circumstances, ACT handles a significant number of rescue cases daily, but the continuous rainfall has resulted in a surge in rescue operations. This sudden increase has put an enormous strain on the shelter, making it critical for someone in a position of power to intervene promptly. If any of you visit the shelter at the moment you will witness the distressing situation firsthand. The drainage water has infiltrated the mathrachaya (ward for sick animals) and hindered wards, necessitating the relocation of the animals. This displacement adds to the already worrisome situation”.

“To address the issue, the area ward corporator visited our facility recently, and the concrete slabs covering the storm drain fixed by MCC were removed to assess the water clearance. Although the water is currently draining, the heavy rains persist, continuously filling up the drainage system also. To raise awareness about the crisis at ACT we are requesting assistance from anyone, including the media, to highlight this issue, so that the concerned authorities understand the difficulties faced by us in taking care of the stray animals amidst such a mess”.

“We urge the concerned officials to visit the shelter and fix the defects in UGD and stormwater drains. Efforts of the public and Media will shed light on the dire circumstances faced by the animals and emphasize the urgent need for assistance. Time is of the essence, and immediate action is required to prevent a disaster at ACT Shelter. Your support and intervention in this matter would be greatly appreciated,” added the statements.

Ms Suma Nayak also said that this is not something new that they have faced due to the rainy season. ” Regarding the defects of UGD and stormwater drains were brought to the notice of respective authorities of MCC from the last many weeks, even before rains started. Even our well water was also contaminated due to this issue. But we at the ACT appreciate the efforts of the husband of our Corporator along with his team in clearing the blocked water, but much more has to be done by MCC, to rectify the problems. The officials saying that the issue was brought to their notice at the last minute is not right. Anyways, as they say, there is no point in crying over spilt milk, I would appreciate the MCC Commissioner, Mayor and others in the district administration coming forward and doing the needful with love for the neglected four-legged furry friends”.

Team Mangalorean hopes that this report will enlighten the right people in the administration to act quickly and make a difference, after all, “DOGS ARE MAN’S BEST FRIENDS, NO MATTER WHETHER THEY BELONG TO DESI CATEGORY OR PARDESI CATEGORY or SIMPLY STRAY DOGS!’. Thank You!

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