Not Smart by MSCL or MCC! Planting Saplings and Then Killing Them by Not Watering & Nurturing

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Not Smart by Mangaluru Smart City Ltd (MSCL) or Mangaluru City Corporation (MCC)! Planting Saplings and Then Killing Them by Not Watering & Nurturing. Whoever is responsible (MSCL or MCC) in planting these saplings on the median of the road stretch from Hampankatta Junction till Clock tower, this report for the concerned officials, for their Negligence and Carelessness!

Mangaluru: If you had driven or rode or walked between the road stretch from Hampankatta Junction till Clock Tower a couple of months ago you could have seen green pants all along the median, but take a walk, drive or ride between the same stretch of the street, you will be surprised to see about 80 % of the pants have dried up, due to lack of water and care. Nothing but total Green-washing! Tree or sapling planting generates goodwill but may sometimes harm the planet.

We should know that planting Trees or saplings does a lot more for us than you probably think. While some may argue that tree or sapling planting is a win-win for the environment whoever does it, offsetting is just another way of corporate greenwashing. “Plants can’t survive without water.” I bet you won’t find anyone who will disagree with that statement. But our City officials act as if it wasn’t true. They let their plants go for months during the dry summer season without giving them any water at all. Then they wonder why the plants are unhealthy, stressed, infested with pests or disease, or even dead. Plants need water to survive and thrive. Hope now at least the concerned authorities behind the beautification of Hampankatta Junction to Clock tower will agree and admit their guilt.

It may be raining one day, but it is not too early in the season to think about the water needs of your plants. But those who are responsible for taking care of these plants should be ready for the dry season that is certain to come. Humans can live for three minutes without air, three days without water and maybe three weeks without food. I would not recommend trying to see if you can exceed any of these; it can get ugly. Living three days without water would only be possible if the person was in otherwise optimum conditions: not too hot, shelter from the sun, etc. Yet we expect plants to go without water for days, weeks and even months. Do these officials know about it?

The beginning of the hot, dry summer months have the most severe weather conditions that plants have to deal with. Little or no rainfall, long days and intense heat can have very adverse effects on plants. Deciduous plants, the ones that shed their leaves every year, begin to droop first. And this is what we are seeing here. It’s no surprise that plants are on the green economy agenda, but this does not necessarily mean that planting them is “green” or helpful for social harmony. Allowing them to regrow naturally is not always effective either, as they are unlikely to survive on their own. Community involvement is therefore crucial.

Therefore, if MSCL or MCC are serious about planting trees or saplings then they need to care about the plants and also about the communities that live with them and not just their own reputations. Period. Hope this report will awaken the concerned authorities in doing the needful, by watering the plants at the earliest- and GIVE BACK LIFE TO THEM!

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