‘Nothing Wrong in Siddaramaiah Visiting Temple after Consuming Meat’- Hindu Mahasabha

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‘Nothing Wrong in Siddaramaiah Visiting Temple after Consuming Meat. BJP is using Sarvarkar’s name for political gain.- Hindu Mahasabha State General Secretary Dharmendra

Mangaluru: Addressing the media persons during a press meet state general secretary of Akhila Bharatha Hindu Mahasabha said, “It is shameful to note that BJP and Siddaramaiah are levelling allegations against each other. Why the unnecessary controversy over the consumption of non-vegetarian food? There is nothing wrong with Siddaramaiah consuming meat and visiting the temple. Does the BJP have no other issue than to discuss such silly non-vegetarian issues? The BJP leaders should first express whether they do not consume meat and visit temples. If they are doing so, they do not have any morality to question Siddaramaiah”.

“If the BJP believed in Savarkar, and wanted to honour him, then they should make Savarkar’s birth anniversary a national festival. I want to know why the BJP failed to remember Savarkar when Tipu Jayanthi was observed in the state. BJP is using Savarkar’s name for political gain because the party failed the state “on all fronts. As a last resort to retain power in Karnataka, the BJP is remembering Savarkar when the assembly elections are nearing,” added Dharmendra.

“The state BJP has no morality to utter the name of Savarkar. He had not organised people in the name of caste. He had only propagated the religion. Both Congress and the BJP are engaged in dividing religion. The BJP leaders should introspect first. BJP leaders did not want the Hindu “maha sabha” that was started by Savarkar along with his concept of “Akhanda Bharat. But they want Savarkar and his portrait to fight the upcoming assembly elections,” he said.

Dharmendra called Congress leader Siddaramaiah a “coward” because the senior leader was frightened by the egging of his car, despite him having “so much security”. Dharmendra also announced that the ABHM would soon be filing a case against Siddaramaiah for speaking ill of Veer Savarkar. Dharmendra also used the momentum to urge the Union government to release a comprehensive list of revolutionaries who fought for India’s freedom. “There is a need to bring in a law to punish those who speak against freedom fighters. Passing cheap comments against freedom fighters should be brought to an end,” added Dharmendra.

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