Now designer swimsuits for moms, courtesy Nidhi Munim

New Delhi, Dec 19 (IANS) Designer Nidhi Munim has come to the rescue of women who shy away from wearing a swimsuit post motherhood.

She believes that women must not miss out on the fun just because they are a mother of a child. Munim has designed a range of swimsuits for mothers of all shapes and sizes.

Her collection includes exotic one-piece swimsuits, monokonis, tankinis and tube swimsuits in a variety of colours, patterns and prints.

“Swimsuits are usually perceived to be for someone of a small size or for model. I want to break this perception, and hence, as a brand we have taken an initiative to specially design a range for mothers who aspire to look equally modern and beautiful,” Munim said in a statement.

“They are specially designed in a way that it accentuates all the curves, and minimises the flaws in one’s body. I’m sure all mothers will have a great time wearing it and sprucing up their vacations,” she added.

The collection starts at Rs.2,000.