Obituary: Joseph Albuquerque (94), Nympha Sadan, Mangaluru

Joseph Albuquerque (94), husband of the late Laurel Albuquerque nee Tauro-Padwal, resident of Nympha Sadan, and brother-in-law of Elaine ‘Cuckoo’ (+ Francis Coelho), ‘Melrose’, Falnir and Austen J A Tauro, former chairman of Indian Oil Corporation, passed away on August 22, 2015.


Funeral service will be held in the Rosario cemetery chapel, Jeppu at 4 pm on Friday, August 28.

Contact: Dhyan ‘Dinoo’ Coelho, Dinoo’s Fast Food – + 91 98862 09809

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Francis Raymond Farias

Joseph is the son of Raymond Albuquerque and Elizabeth Monteiro, brother of Robert, Alfred, Aloysius,Frederick, Ethel Rebello, Maud Farias, Mabel Saldanha, and Therese Aranha. He is the youngest child of this family and most loved. He will be missed.

John Fernandez

Joseph is also the beloved grandson of the scion Alex Albuquerque Pai of the famed A Albuquerque and Sons, the first tile factory in the region to be started by an Indian. Today, it is also the oldest surviving tile factory in Mangalore.
Jesus, Mary and Joseph bless his kind soul.