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‘Oh Lord, Give Us Freedom From Lifestyle Diseases’- Priests & Nuns of Mangaluru Diocese

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‘Oh Lord, Give Us Freedom From Lifestyle Diseases’- Priests & Nuns of Mangaluru Diocese

Mangaluru : Being in the health care service since 1880, Father Muller Hospital, Mangaluru has a rich heritage which is seen in its vast experience in the field of medicine and gives it the reputation of an institution that combines a caring heart with highly professional skills. The National Accreditation Board for Testing and Calibration Laboratories (NABL) has accredited microbiology, biochemistry and pathology clinical laboratories of the Hospital. It is the only medical institution in the city which has all the three laboratories accredited by NABL guaranteeing quality of service. With a Vision to ” heal and comfort” the suffering humanity with compassion and respect, and to be recognized as a global leader in medical education and research; and with a Mission to be progressive in providing holistic health care services to all, to ensure global standards in medical education, and to create and foster centre of excellence for medical research, Father Muller Charitable Institution has become a brand name in Health Care, and has earned name and fame locally, nationally and Internationally.

While serving the humanity irrespective of caste or creed, and also helping those patients with free care without any discrimination, and FMCI being a Catholic Health Care institution, it has always shown special interest and importance to the religious priests and Sisters serving the Lord, specially in the Mangaluru Diocese, and beyond. And for that matter, as part of Nurses Week 2019 going on which commenced on 7 May 2019, Father Muller Medical College Hospital-Nursing department organized a Seminar “Freedom From Lifestyle Diseases” for the religious priests and Sisters of Mangaluru Diocese on Thursday, 9 May 2019 at FMCI Decennial Hall from 7 am until 4 pm.

Prior to the inauguration of Seminar, the large participants of priests and nuns had their blood tests done at the hospital. The Sisters outnumbered the priests in this seminar participation, and it seemed like the Nuns wanted top live longer than the priests, by attending this seminar on lifestyle diseases. The Seminar began with a prayer by the nurses, followed by welcome address by Fr Rudolph D’sa- the administration of Father Muller Medical College Hospital, where he said, “Let me quote Billy Graham where he said, “When wealth is lost, nothing is lost; when health is lost, something is lost; when character is lost, all is lost”- therefore being wealthy does not matter much, if you are health is not alright”.

“We need to keep our lifestyle healthy, through proper diet food, exercises and medication. And keeping in mind our religious priests and nuns from the Mangaluru diocese serving the Lord, and keeping us all in prayers, and showing our kindest gesture towards them we planned in organizing this seminar, to give them freedom from lifestyle diseases. And for this seminar we have experienced and knowledgeable physicians from our hospital who will be delivering information on various health related topics. We also need to commend Sr Janet D’souza- the Chief Nursing Officer for being the brainchild behind this seminar, and making all the necessary arrangements. Sr Janet is a SOS of this hospital, a simple call made to her, she is ready to take care of the patients needs. While appreciating your presence in large numbers, I urge you to grasp all the information during the seminar, which will benefit you in the long run” added Fr D’sa.

In his presidential address, Fr Richard Coelho-the Director of Father Muller Charitable Institutions said, “Like Fr Rudolph said that money is nothing, when our health is bad. These days people due to stress, depression land up into various kind of sickness. Lack of exercise also contribute to illness. While our work is important, similarly we need to take care of our health, which is also important. FMCI has great respect and care towards the religious priests and nuns of Mangaluru diocese and beyond, whom we treat them like VIP’s and they will always get special treatment here”.

Fr Coelho further said, “We are not worried of our competitors, and we don’t care either, but our aim is to give good care for the patients, and we will always give extra care to our religious fraternity. And having certain concern towards the religious priests and Sisters, we decided to have this seminar so that they get the information about, how to lead a healthy life, and be free from lifestyle diseases. If you need more details or help about health related matters, you can call us anytime, and our dedicated and committed doctors, nurses and staff will be extremely happy to oblige you”

Following the vote of thanks by Sr Janet D’souza- the Chief Nursing Officer, the first session of the seminar was on the topic – ” Heart Facts: Blood Pressure”, which was delivered elaborately and in a witty style by Dr Glenn Austin Fernandes-Assistant Professor/Intensivist at FMMCH, and was very much liked by the audience, that they posed a few queries to be answered by him. Following a tea break, the second session was on the topic – “Are You Diabetic-Let’s Find Out”, which was delivered by resource person Dr Sudep K- Associate Professor in Endocrinology at FMMCH, followed by third session on the topic- “Cancers: Diagnosis, Treatment and Prevention” ( For Women) by Dr Nishitha Shetty- Assistant Professor in Dept of Medical Oncology-FMMMCH, and for Men on the same topic by Dr Rohan Chandra Gatty- Head of Dept of Surgical Oncology- FMMCH.

The seminar ended with Health Check Up Consultation with doctors with blood reports from the blood test done in the morning prior to the seminar. Getting the relevant information and heath care tips from the resource persons (doctors), both the priests and Sisters went home with happy faces, looking forward to live few more extra years from the “FREEDOM OF LIFESTYLE DISEASES”? The seminar was compered by Ms Anu Punner-Assistant Nursing Superintendent, and the seminar was coordinated by Ms Darryl M S Aranha- Deputy Chief Nursing Officer.

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