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Ola Cabs are Hurting our Livelihood

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‘Ola Cabs are hurting our Livelihood an we are facing lot of hardships’ say members of Dakshina Kannada Zilla Karmikara Parishath (R) and Maxi-cab and Taxi Driver Owners Association

Mangaluru: Addressing the media persons during a press meet held at Mangalore Press Club, Kenneth D’Souza-Secretary of Dakshina Kannada Zilla Karmikara Parishath (R) and Maxi-cab and Taxi Driver Owners Association said, ” The government has let us down very miserably. Before the election all the candidates promised us lots of things that would benefit us, but once they have been elected all their promises have been false. By allowing Ola Cab services to run their business here in Mangaluru and surrounding areas, the government has put us into hardships and has also ruined our livelihood”

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” We have been operating our taxis for so many years, and have provided good service to the customers. By getting loans from banks many of us, including the minorities and youth we have been supporting ourselves and our family. But now with Ola cabs coming in the picture and offering low rates to the customers and stealing our business, we have been put into hardships. With the prices of petrol/diesel and spare parts going up, we can’t afford the prices what Ola is charging to their clients. They are a big company, and they can deal with loss by offering low rates” added D’souza.

D’souza further said, ” It is sad to note that the government is supporting the rich companies to carry on with their taxi services here, and not supporting the poor and hardworking taxi drivers like us. Earlier Ola had just a few cars in service, but now they have nearly 200 cars in service. If the government neglects and doesn’t care for us, there could be many suicides committed by the taxi drivers, just like thousands of farmers who had committed suicide who were in financial crisis and couldn’t earn their daily bread. We request the government to immediately stop Ola cab service in this area, if not we will intensify our fight through protests and other sources. We urge the government to act quick, thereby help us in continue with our taxi service business and earn income to support ourselves and our kith and kin”.

Latheef, Hasanabba, Donald D’souza, Santhosh and Krishnappa- all members of the association were present during the meet.

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  1. In business you either have to adapt or perish. Future is happening to the taxi business worldwide, so blaming Ola for your unpreparedness is not the right way forward. Run a good service at decent rates and you also can drive Ola out of business. Your unionised thinking is wrong. Why do you want somebody else to safeguard your industry? You can not expect growth and protectionist regulations at the same time. If that’s the case nobody will invest. Complacency isn’t a good thing in this globalised world. Government should keep its nose out of enterprise and let competition sort itself out.

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