Old Churches of Bangalore

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Old Churches of Bangalore

Although Bangalore is commonly referred to as the “City of Gardens” and the “Silicon Valley of India”, it is also home to a variety of other religious institutions.

Let’s look at some of the noticed edifices of Bangalore.

St. Mark’s Cathedral

St. Mark’s Cathedral is a well-known landmark in Bangalore, having been constructed over two hundred years ago. It is named after Saint Mark, who is reputed to have written one of the Gospels. Established in 1808, the church was later given its current name in 1816 by the Bishop of Kalcutta. It is a testament to the power of love to come from a place of hatred. It is believed that the church was originally built as a garrison for Madras Army personnel serving under the East Indian Company. The architecture of the church is strongly influenced by St. Paul’s Cathedral in London from the 17th and 18th centuries. The church boasts of an impressive collection of carved woodwork, with intricate carvings near the entrance to the temple being particularly captivating. It is located on MG Road, just 2 km from Commercial Street.

The Holy Trinity Church

Like many churches in the vicinity, this church is situated in the cantonment area of Bangalore. Established in 1852, the church has been visited by many prominent figures from the British Empire, including Winston Churchill, Lord Cornwallis and others. Like most churches in Bangalore, this church also began its life as a military church. It was mainly used by British East India Company (BEIC) officials and their families when they were posted in the area. The church was a part of the “One Station, one church” programme of the British Army. It is the largest of all South Indian military churches. This church is also one of the major Protestant churches in the city. Today, this church is a landmark. The church is built in the Renaissance style of architecture. The most striking feature of the church is the marble murals painted on the wall. This is a major tourist attraction. Most of the objects used inside the church, such as the bell and pulpit, as well as the baptismal font, were brought from London and are still used today.

St. Francis Xavier Cathedral Church

It was established in Bangalore in 1851 and is a Roman Catholic church. However, it’s said that the church’s tower collapsed in 1905, leading to the construction of a new building in its stead, which was rededicated in 1932. The St. Francis Xavier Church was chosen as the Cathedral when the Bangalore church was established in 1940, having split off from the Mysore diocese. This church has witnessed a great deal of history and numerous significant occasions. The church is constructed of granite and has a cross-like design. A substantial dome is perched above the main sanctuary and in colors of white and blue are two other domes. It is located in Cleveland town.

St. Patrick’s Church

It is situated on Brigade Road, a prominent business district and one of the city’s major retail districts. However, this particular church is among the oldest in the entire city and is Roman Catholic. Built in 1844, St. Patrick’s Church is renowned for its exquisite architecture and includes twelve lovely pillars close to the arched entryway that are dedicated to the twelve apostles of Christ. The arched roof and pillars create a stunning sight as part of the space’s lovely design. In the vicinity of the main entrance, there is a shrine to St. Anthony, where it is thought that by praying, one might eliminate all problems and worries in life.

St. Mary’s Basilica

When it was founded in the 17th century, this church was merely a thatched house of worship, therefore it had extremely modest beginnings. Since then, it has evolved into a basilica that welcomes a sizable number of Christian pilgrims every year. The intricate themes and stained glass windows only serve to enhance the Gothic architecture of the cathedral and give it a more ethereal feel. The church’s furnishings are highly ornate, and it serves as an important place of worship in addition to being a fantastic tourist destination. It so happens to be the first church in Karnataka to be given minor basilica status. St. Mary’s Feast, which is observed in the month. Mother Mary’s birthday is commemorated annually in September with the feast of St. Mary, which draws a sizable crowd of followers. Important diocese officials also pay regular visits to the church. One of Bangalore’s most well-known churches is this one.

St. Andrew’s Church

While not the largest church in Banglore, St. Andrew’s Church is undoubtedly one of the busiest and the place where the majority of pilgrims congregate. Since St. Andrew is the patron saint of Scotland, the church bears his name. This Presbyterian church was constructed more than 150 years ago, displays Gothic architecture, and features beautiful stained glass artwork inside. The church’s serene atmosphere and retro styling will transport you to earlier times. The church is in the Shivaji Nagar neighbourhood.

Infant Jesus Church

This church is relatively new in Bangalore, but it’s still a big deal for people. It was built in 1971 to honour the baby Jesus of Prague, and pilgrims come here in droves because of the many miracles attributed to it. It’s definitely worth a visit if you’re a Christian or just want to check out the history of churches in the city. It’s got a really peaceful atmosphere, and the main mural is the highlight – it shows the baby Jesus in Bethlehem. Plus, it’s a great Catholic church in Bangalore.

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