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Oman: Buntara Vaibhava 2015 – Glorious 28th Annual Get together of Bunts of Oman Celebrated With Grandeur

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Oman: After the twin Sports fiesta of sports and fun games organised successfully by the committee members of Buntara Vaibhava 2015, the organizing committee celebrated “Buntara Vaibhava 2015” at Le Grand Hall, Al Falaj Hotel here, on Friday, November 13.


The members had geared in high spirits to participate, partake and bask in the fervor of “Buntara Vaibhava 2015”. The 28th year of get together of the Bunt community members showcased the spirit of joy, mirth, togetherness and exquisite cultural heritage.

A traditional ambience and perfect setting heralded the commencement of the 28th Annual Get together “Buntara Vaibhava 2015”. A beautiful Rangoli welcomed one and all at the entrance. A traditional lamp decorated beautifully with fresh flowers along with the important, ethnic symbols of tradition, viz. tender coconut, Kalasha, Kural, etc., was placed at the centre of the hall.

All the committee members, dressed in the traditional style, conducted the proceedings with elan. The day long event was initiated with a prayer song and lamp lighting by the committee members, keeping the customs and traditions alive. The process of registration and membership was then carried on.

Amidst the percussionist sounds played in the background, the curtain drew open to the display of the majestic video wall. Various well synchronised symbolic backdrops depicted the essence and significance of each of the cultural events.

Sathya Prasad Rai welcomed the gathering, with his speech in Tulu and Kannada. The members of the committee of Buntara Vaibhava welcomed the anchor, Saiheel Rai, with a floral bouquet. Saiheel Rai, an amazing talent, kept the entire august gathering in full gear. They went into splits with his fantastic compering in Tulu and Kannada.

The cultural events commenced with a prayer dance, well choreographed by Rama Raj Shetty and the young participants – Akshara, Naisa, Riyanika, Spoorti, Ananya, Disha, Vriddhi, Ganesh and Shashwat – who presented the concept beautifully. An Omani dance, choreographed by Rama Raj Shetty was well performed by young kids – Shaivi, Khushi, Prerna, Manvi, Vrishti, Sadhvi, Samriddhi, Anusha, Sannidhi, Ashmita, Advaith, Havish, Harshil, Sushanth, Spandan and Akarsh. This was followed by a song rendered melodiously by Sparsha Kishore Shetty. The next dance by Crazy Legs Team was choreographed and performed by Rakshitha, Akshara, Anwita and Tushar.

Riya Uday Shetty, too, presented a song and regaled the members. Yakshanatyam “Poorvaranga”, choreographed and directed by Vanishree Nagesh Shetty, with the young performers, Maanvi, Sharvari, Anusha, Stvitha, Pavana and Disha, was performing gracefully. A beautuful dance on Ramayan and Diwali was presented splendidly by a team of young kids – Divith, Samriddhi, Sannidhi, Ashima, Aayush, Saharash, Snithik, Aishana, Tanvi, Ganesh, Shashwat, Shagun, Vriddhi, Samarth, Anika, Shalagna, Akshara, Ananya, Naisa, Riyanika, Vyshnavi, and Poorvika. A dance performance directed and presented by Dhanush, Bhakti, Naisa and Samarth, was radiated energy. The spirited young boy, Luvya, then sang a Hindi song. Solo dance recital by the talented and trained Natasha, in perfect Kathak style, was well appreciated by all. A duet performance by the husband-wife team, Kishen and Sushma, in dazzling and colorful costume, was choreographed and set to fast beat songs. “Punya Koti” dance skit, choreographed by Rama, ended on an emotional note with a strong message, performed by Shalagna, Manavi, Janav, Anupam, Radha, Disha, Anusha and Shagun. Kishen Shetty rendered a song, followed by Ramanand Shetty, who rendered a Kannada film song.

“Tulu Parba” dance, well synchronised with props depicting the glory of Tulu Nadu and choreographed by Rama Raj Shetty, was presented in unison by Pavana, Disha, Ananya, Poorvika, Ananya, Dishita, Vyshnavi, Vaidehi, Naisa, Riyanika, Sparsha, Radha, Ganesh, Adiraj, Samarth, Shashwat, Janav, Shalagna, Anupam, Samarth, and Tanishk.

The womenfolk comprisng of Vasudha, Preeti, Roopa, Surekha, Pratima, Vijaya, Soumya, Vinita and Shilpa presented a Janapada Nritya “Lele Lele..”, and with their befitting costume and headgear, danced to the choreography of Rama. Santhosh Shetty presented a melodious song. “Yeren Nambodhu”, a skit directed and written by Ramananda Shetty and Sudhin Shetty, was performed with their team comprising of Dhanu Shetty, Sachin Shetty, Suraj Shetty, Preetham Shetty, Ravindra Shetty, Ajith shetty, and Jayaprakash.

A unique style, Flash Mob Dance, wherein young children sprang in dance movements from different parts of the venue amazed the audience. They danced below the stage to a Medley of songs in English, Hindi and Tulu, which finally culminated in the popular ‘Pili’ dance.

With the lights dimmed and a lamp on each table lit, emanating the traditional aspect, the story of Balyindra and the ethnic variant of the ritual of Deepawali celebration was depicted. This was conducted by C K Shetty, Nagesh Shetty and Ashok Shetty.

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The parents of the members of the community, who are on a visit to Muscat, were felicitated in the traditional style. The committee members of Buntara Vaibhava 2015 were introduced and the new committee of members for the yeear 2016 were called upon by Shashidhar Shetty.

Prizes for Ladies Cricket, Throwball, Volleyball, Tug of war (Men and Women) and for Cricket (Men) and Fun Games, conducted along with the Sports Events, were distributed.

Saiheel conducted the rounds of selecting the ideal couple, “Adarsha Dampathi”. There were activities with props, Question/Answer rounds and Audience poll. Raj Shetty and Rama Raj Shetty emerged as the Ideal Couple of the Couple Game “Adarsha Dampathi”. Shridhar Shetty and Jyothi Shridhar Shetty emerged as Runners up.

The dance participants were also given recognition awards for their performances. The sponsors (Silver and Bronze) and major supporters of the annual get together were given mementos in recognition of their support. The sponsors (Gold) were felicitated for their support of the event.

Saiheel was felicitated for his classic, wonderful compering during the entire event. Jagannath Rai, Rama Raj Shetty and Viju Anand Rai were felicitated for their valuable contributions and services to the Bunt community.

Saiheel, adept in his inimitable style of compering, announced various and interesting spot prizes, fun games, treasure hunt, quizzing, lucky draw. Saiheel’s snippets adhering to the events, and involving the participants and the audience, entertained the members. Saiheel conducted a round of Tambola, which was enjoyed by all.

Sumptuous breakfast, lunch, tea and meals were served at the Le Grand hall, for all the members of the community.

Shivaprasad Ariga delivered the vote of thanks. He thanked all the members of the community, sponsors, supporters, Al Falaj Hotel, and all those who supported, directly and indirectly, to make Buntara Vaibhava 2015, a grand success with the spirit of togetherness.

The committee members had, enthusiastically, conducted the proceedings, right from the conceptualisation to the concluding ceremony. The culmination and the finale of the day long Buntara Vaibhava 2015, saw the display of a “behind the scenes” video. It was, indeed, an extravaganza of myriad, yet, traditional and upheld the cultural heritage of the Bunt community. Each and every member marked their presence and left the venue with a feeling of joy and togetherness, awaiting the next annual get together with earnestness.

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