On Your Mark, Hip Hop & Smile! Gonzagaites Shine at ‘Bunny Movement’ Investiture Ceremony

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On Your Mark, Hip Hop & Smile! Cute & Smiling Gonzagaites Shine at Investiture Ceremony Of ‘Bunny Movement’ Held at St Aloysius Gonzaga School, Mangaluru

Mangaluru: Before going further into the report of the Investiture Ceremony of Bunny Movement at St Aloysius Gonzaga School, Mangaluru let us know about this “Bunny Movement” started by Mrs Lakshmi Mazumda, the Former National Commissioner, who thought of introducing a programme for the children between the age group of 3 to 6 years during the International Year of Child. A Committee was formed and the Bunny Programme was introduced. International Year of Child was the ideal period to launch this project and hence received a great response but later got neglected on account of various reasons.

The objective of this theme was to introduce an attractive programme for sub-juniors and also to work it as the feeder to the Cub/Bulbul/Guides/Scouts section. With the same objectives, this programme is being reintroduced in the present Boy/Girl programme. Suggested Age Group: 3 to 6 years both for Boys and Girls. With the Bunny Law: “I shall try to be a good Boy/Girl”, the Movement has a motto- “Keep Smiling”. Regarding the Bunny Salute: The two fingers (middle & forefinger) of both hands should be raised along the side of the two ears depicting the ears of Bunny.

About the Uniform: An apron with the Bunny symbol against the bright background to be worn over the school uniform or any other dress. The emblem is prepared by the National Headquarters in the form of a sticker badge. A Bunny holding up a carrot in the right hand with the BSG emblem in the centre of the Bunny patch. And the Uniform for Bunny Leader: The Leader will be known as-Bunny Aunty (Bunny Uncle only in exceptional cases). It is suggested that Bunny Leaders can be the privilege of females only, the uniform for the Bunny Leaders will be the same as those of the Adult Leaders of the regular group. The Bunny programme is based on four signposts namely: (i) Love for God; (ii) Love for Nature; (iii) Creative Activities; and (iv) Learning to play together.

That was a little bit of the history of the Bunny Movement, and locally, the cute little Gonzagaites of St Aloysius Gonzaga School, Mangaluru based on the rules and standards of the Bunny Movement participated in the Investiture Ceremony of Bunny Movement at their School on Friday, 26 August 2022 at 9:30 am. Following a prayer song, the welcome address was delivered by teacher Ms Rashmi C. The significance of the Bunny Movement was briefed by teacher Ms Veronica D’Souza, following which the symbolic handing over of Bunny Aprons was done by the Chief Guest, other dignitaries on the dais, and also KG teachers. The oath was delivered by the Principal, and the Bunnies repeated after him.

The programme was inaugurated by lighting of the lamp by chief guest Anil Kumar J-Assistant District Commissioner-Bharat Scouts & Guides, DK, along with Principal Fr Melwyn Anil Lobo SJ, Vice Principal Ms Laurel D’Souza and kindergarten coordinator Ms Aparna Suresh. Bunny Salute and Mass drill was conducted by PT Teacher Ms Agnes Saldanha. Two proud little Gonzagiates Aadith Ashwin Shetty and Aiden Dsouza who had won prizes out of 470 +participants in a drawing competition conducted by the local furniture & electronics showroom on the occasion of the 75th year of independence, were presented with the awards by the chief guest.

In his inaugural address, chief guest Anil Kumar said, “Now that you are bunnies you need to be active, smart and keep SMILING all the time. Never be sad and pale looking. Your Bunny Movement is the early beginning before you become Bul Bul, Guides or Scouts. In a few years, you will become active scouts and guides. I feel proud to be here as a chief guest being an Aloysian, who during my school days was active in scouts and guides, but there was no bunny movement then. So enjoy being a BUNNY in this movement, keep smiling and be active”.

In his presidential address, Principal Fr Melwyn Lobo SJ said “The motto of the Bunny Movement is to ‘Keep Smiling’, and I am happy to see many of you are happily smiling. And also that the Bunny programme is based on four signposts namely : (i) Love for God; (ii) Love for Nature; (iii) Creative Activities; and (iv) Learning to play together, the teachers and parents should inculcate these among the children. Parents should also see that the children remain active in the movement as per the guidelines, and involve them in various activities of the Bunny Movement. Activities for the development of senses, Activities for Mental Development, Creative activities and Nature Observations should be encouraged among the Bunnies of this movement. I compliment the KG teachers and staff for the good arrangement made in organizing this event”.

“At St Aloysius Gonzaga School, we shape the future of many young minds that join our family here. The school has an excellent reputation and provides a vibrant and harmonious community for the students and staff alike. The school represents the transformation stage of education globally. Its vision is to educate young minds and foster ethical, social and moral values through holistic learning, for them to bloom into responsible global citizens. With its wonderful infrastructure and all modern amenities, we are now poised for enviable growth in the field of education making itself the preferred choice for qualitative education. Our aim is to provide our school children with an engaging, enriching and challenging curriculum along with an emphasis on extracurricular activities. And this Bunny Movement for the tiny tots is indeed a marvellous programme to engage the kids in various activities. Parents also need to play a vital role in the development and lifestyle while the child is growing,” added Fr Lobo.

The vote of thanks was proposed by teacher Ms Anitha D’Souza, and the programme was eloquently compered by teacher Ms Mishal Crasta. And the programme was meticulously put together by Ms Aparna Suresh, the KG Coordinator, along with a bevvy of KG teachers of respective KG classes, who all played a vital role in the Investiture ceremony proceedings.

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