Oppn claims BJP playing ‘murder’ politics, K’taka CM Bommai says ‘ridiculous’

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Oppn claims BJP playing ‘murder’ politics, K’taka CM Bommai says ‘ridiculous’

Bengaluru: Opposition parties in Karnataka on Friday accused the BJP government of playing politics over the murder of three youths, which was refuted by Chief Minister Basavaraj Bommai.

The state has witnessed three murders in the last nine days.

Former Chief Minister H.D. Kumaraswamy said on Friday that the series of murders in the coastal region have dented the image of the state. He said, “The ruling party is carrying out murder politics over the deaths of youths.”

Opposition leader Siddaramaiah said Karnataka Chief Minister Basavaraj Bommai’s earlier comment of ‘action for reaction’ is resulting in a series of murders. Former Minister and Congress leader U.T. Khader demanded on Friday that all the three murders should be treated with equal seriousness by the state government.

CM Bommai clarified that the government has considered all three murder cases seriously and was dealing with the situation efficiently. “I will hold a meeting with senior police officers on Friday. There is no clue available about Fazil’s murder which took place on Thursday night. We are not considering it as just murder but it is a preplanned act,” Bommai said.

Kumaraswamy chided the Chief Minister that when he (Bommai) was still in Mangaluru, the third murder took place. “CM has escaped from there. He did not show courage in directing the police to take ruthless action. What is the reason behind CM Bommai’s fears? Is he bound by the directions of invisible hands?

“Instead of stopping the murders, CM Bommai is talking about bulldozer politics. It is a conspiracy to bring ‘jungle raj’ in Karnataka,” Kumaraswamy stated.

Siddaramaiah demanded the resignation of inefficient Home Minister Araga Jnanendra.” If he is not sacked immediately, there will be a situation where people in the state will not be able to come out of their houses. It is unfortunate that the ruling BJP is mired with calculations of political gains and losses with the corpses of young men,” Siddaramaiah said.

Reacting to the charges of the opposition, CM Bommai said the charges by the opposition were ridiculous.

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