Organ Donation!Organs of 63-year-old Man Retrieved at Yenepoya Hospital-Deralakatte

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Organ Donation! Organs of 63-year-old Man Retrieved at Yenepoya Hospital-Deralakatte

Mangaluru: Yenepoya Medical College, Hospital, Deralakkatte, Mangalore has achieved the unique distinction of successfully retrieving Organs on a 63-year-old man, named Aithappa Poojary with a history of intracranial bleeding who was admitted on 28/10/2022. Despite all efforts to save his life, the prognosis was poor and he did not show any sign of recovery. Our panel of experts conducted various tests to confirm brain death.

In a kind gesture, his wife and relatives of the deceased came forward to donate his organs to save other needy patients’ lives. A Panel of doctors from Yenepoya Medical College Hospital proceeded with the process of Organ transplantation. The organs were retrieved by the transplant team of Yenepoya Medical College Hospital by Dr Mujeeburahman (HOD Department Of Urology), Dr Santhosh Pai B H (HOD Department Of Nephrology), Urologists, Dr Althaf Khan, Dr Nischith D’Souza. Nephrologist Dr.Haisam, Dr.Srivatsa and Dr Shaheen Thangal. Anaesthetist, Dr Aeijaz Ahmed and Dr Mumtaz Ahmed other experienced doctors, Hospital Administrators, nurses and technicians- stated Nelvin Nelson, Deputy Manager & Transplant and Robotic-coordinator.

This was possible in Yenepoya Medical College Hospital due to the outstanding vision of the leaders of the university head by Dr Yenepoya Abdulla Kunhi (Chancellor), Farhad Yenepoya (Pro-Chancellor), Dr Vijay Kumar (Vice Chancellor), Dr M S Moosabba (Dean YMC) and Dr Prakash R M Saldanha, The Medical Superintendent, Yenepoya Medical College Hospital, Mangalore.

One kidney, 2 corneas/eyes and Skin were donated. The team from Jeevansarthakathe (Mangalore Zone, SOTTO), a constitution by the govt. of Karnataka as a sustained deceased donor (Cadaver), transplantation program in the state of Karnataka played a vital role in the organ harvesting process.

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