‘Our Country is Made of ALL RELIGIONS, So BJP/RSS Can’t Make India a Hindu Rastra’- Siddaramaiah

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‘Our Country is Made of ALL RELIGIONS, So BJP/RSS Can’t Make India a Hindu Rastra’- Siddaramaiah

  • ‘Our Country is Made of ALL RELIGION, So BJP/RSS Can’t Make India a Hindu Rastra’- Former Chief Minister of Karnataka Siddaramaiah speaking during Bhavaikyatha Samavesha and installation ceremony of district Congress minority wing president held at Town Hall on 22 February 2021.

Mangaluru : A one of its kind Bhavaikyatha Samavesha and installation ceremony of District Congress Minority Wing President Sahul Hameed held at Town Hall on 22 February 2021. The programme was graced by a sea of Congress leaders and party workers, and on stage were Former state minister Ramanath Rai, Abhayachandra Jain, District Congress president-Harish Kumar, MLA U T Khader, Congress leader-B K Hariprasad, former MLA-J R Lobo, Former MLA Moideen Bava, District Youth Congress president-Luqman Bantwal, former Youth Congress president-Mithun Rai, former MLA, former MLA Shakuntala Shetty, congress leaders Vasanth Bangera, K S Masood, Salim Ahmed, Sayid Nasir Hussain, among others.

Speaking first on the occasion, Saleem Ahmed said, “We should realize that the youth plays an very important role in maintaining peace and harmony, therefore forming a Peace & Harmony Community is essential during the present situation where communal disharmony is on the rise. Therefore, Sahul Hameed, the district minority wing president should take up the full responsibility in order to build the party and bring people into confidence. We should be proud to say that Congress has a long history of 135 years, and Congress has fought during independence and has always responded to the problems of the people, whether it is in power or not. Even though we lost our battle recently in the election, we are confident that Congress will come back into power in the state and centre and Rahul Gandhi will become Prime Minister, which is 100%.”

Saleem further said “It is a joke to note that the promises made by the BJP government six years ago have not materialized. It is for sure that BJP came to power by manipulating people and spreading huge lies. We have 25 MPs in the state who behave like lions in state and like a cat in front of PM Modi. Congress will lead a massive protest if the BJP government is playing games in abolishing minority reservations. We all know that the BJP government has proved that it is anti-minority, and one example is that when they cut down the funds for minorities from Rs 3,000 crore to 800 crore, along with revoking the scholarships for minorities,”.

The much awaited speech of the evening was that of former CM Siddaramaiah , who got a loud applause when he began his speech. He said, “Our Country is made of people from all religions, like Hindus, Christians, Muslims among others. BJP and RSS trying to make India a Hindu Nation is out of question,and they can’t as per the constitution. Then why are the blabbering and creating communal disharmony with their nonsense talk. It should be noted that the Constitution gives equal rights to everyone irrespective of religion. If there was no unity, the banking sector, education sector, health sector, civilization would not have grown. Instead of promoting hate through useless talks, let RSS speak how much contribution it has made towards independence when they speak about patriotism. I will say it again that it is impossible to transform India into a ‘Hindu Rashtra, as RSS and BJP are blabbering about’

He further said “My humble request to you all is that stop listening to what PFI and SDPI is saying, since they are indirectly supporting BJP. Don’t take their words for granted and become victims of their conspiracy which strengthens BJP by the division of secular votes. If BJP thinks that there was involvement of PFI in the recent violence in Bengaluru, then BJP should ban these organizations. Why are they remaining quiet? This proves that there is something fishy going on here. They always question the contribution of Congress towards the development of minorities. When Congress under my term introduced various schemes, they were not limited to a particular community, but for all religions, with no caste or creed. But now it is all different, with a certain community getting all the benefits from the BJP government. During the Congress rule, we had allotted Rs 3,150 crore to the minorities which came down to Rs 800 crore under the BJP government, do you think it is right?”

“Only those who respect the Indian constitution should be in power, where BJP is going against it. Ananth Kumar Hegde who delivered a statement about changing the Constitution is unfit to even be a gram panchayat member. Remember folks, I became the chief minister because of the Constitution not because someone had pity on me, just like Prime Minister Narendra Modi became the Prime Minister because of the Constitution. Then why didn’t Narendra Modi or Amit Shah not take any action against Ananth Kumar Hegde, who spit out a provocative statement? Regarding consumption of beef is peoples’ food habit, and is their choice as to what to eat and what not to eat, any meat. Why should anyone question what meat are you eating? I have not consumed beef, If I have to, I will, who are people to question it? We should note BJP-run state ships out large amounts of beef abroad. Therefore, until we defeat BJP there will be no peace. Commodities prices have skyrocketed, so where are the ‘achhe din’ which PM Modi promised. The 56-inch chest of Modi does not matter, he needs to have a heart that loves people,” added Siddarammiah.


He further said “Does BJP know that other than Muslims, even Christians, Buddhists, Jains, Parsis are all minorities?. While these are religious minorities, Hindus are religious majorities. In the name of politics, Dakshina Kannada and the coastal area has become a hub of communalism . It is our duty and responsibility to condemn those who practice communalism and stop such practice forever so we can all live in peace and harmony. We should also know that communalism will not bring peace and harmony. There is no religion that teaches to hate another religion, then why are we facing all the communal disharmony that is going on these days. Let’s unite to bring peace and harmony, and destroy communalism”.

U T Khader, J R Lobo, Ramanath Rai among others also spoke. District minority wing president, Sahul Hameed welcomed the gathering. KPCC working president, Saleem Ahmed inaugurated the Bhavaikyatha Samavesha by ater a coconut tree/sapling.

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