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Ousted JD (S) President tells former PM Deve Gowda to be prepared for consequences

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Ousted JD (S) President tells former PM Deve Gowda to be prepared for consequences

Bengaluru: Ousted JD (S) State President C.M Ibrahim challenged his ouster from the post and warned former prime minister Deve Gowda to be prepared to face consequences.

“I will approach the High Court of Karnataka and the Election Commission shortly,” he said.

Talking to reporters in Bengaluru on Thursday after the announcement of the ouster decision, Ibrahim said, while addressing Deve Gowda, “I am the President and you can’t take oust me. We will approach the Election Commission and High Court to obtain stay orders. Until the matter is resolved in the court, they cannot do it.”

He said that it is not possible to oust him from the position of State President of JD (S) party. “They do not have the power to oust me. According to JD (S) Constitution, the three fourth members of the party should issue notice to me asking to call for a meeting. Once I call the meeting, there the no confidence motion has to be brought in. That is the procedure,” he said.

“Mr. Deve Gowda had taken the decision on Thursday and I am fasting today. He should not forget that on the same Thursday my son had died in Hubballi. Even after that, I took initiative to resolve the Idgah Maidan row and strengthened your government then. Today, you are sacrificing others for the sake of your son,” Ibrahim said.

“After ousting me, why you did not make JD (S) MLA G.T Deve Gowda as the State President? Why you didn’t do it? Blind love for your son has come out in open. You (Deve Gowda) have provoked me and you should not have done it. Be prepared for consequences. God is there. This news had brought me more spirit,” he said.

The Kerala and Tamil Nadu state units of the party have taken their decisions in this regard. “I always thought that you are like my father. Is this the love given to a son? I had come to you, even as I had four year term as the MLC. How many more houses will you destroy?” Ibrahim said.

“Mr. Gowda, you are 95-year-old, I join my hands. You made JD (S) Tippe Swamy to call me and asked me to meet you to discuss the alliance. Today, you have taken this decision. The time is the best teacher. Too much of brains will result in destruction. Like how Duryodhan had met his ill fate in Mahabharat, the JD (S) party will face the same fate,” Ibrahim said.

Former Prime Minister and JD (S) National President H.D. Deve Gowda has announced the ouster of State President C.M. Ibrahim on Thursday and instated former CM and his son H.D. Kumaraswamy to the post.

“State President Ibrahim has been sacked. The committee headed by Ibrahim is dissolved. This is not an expulsion. With respect he has been vacated from the post,” Deve Gowda declared.

Earlier, Ibrahim had rebelled against party’s decision to forge an alliance with the BJP in the state. Ibrahim had also warned Deve Gowda not to join hands with BJP and declared his support for the Congress. He also said that the defeat of the NDA headed by the BJP should be ensured and maintained that he can’t be expelled as he was the State President of the party.

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