‘Papa I’m dying’

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‘Papa I’m dying’
(the last cry)

Heart touching bone-breaking bond baffling bawl
cool cry for justice just civilization recognition awl
tort tortuous tormenting trauma humanity bondage
striking smashing stunning suffering scramble stage

Lovepreet loving loyal liberated leader to lead the destiny
Satnam Singh father full of promise dreams shattered unity
cold-blooded murder cuts down paddy fields narcissistic gun
paddy for bolster but the destiny dawn cremation of his son

Malicious madly insane violently mowed down by monsters’ vehicle
life was cut short by dictatorial people for power rapacious debacle
treachery treason self-centered stereotyped hard-hearted brutish
seldom faced any trust responsibility for their actions never flourish

Communion compassion commitment truth should win over fascism
do not want compensation cronies crocodile tears but justice federalism
can a mother be consoled composed when only son bulldozed bruised buried?
mother’s tears agony falls like grain in the mud germinates martyrs blood

God never created division borders between brother’s favouritism
love heals arrogance hurts do not kill descent spirit of nationalism
‘Papa I’m dying’ I am dying parting agonizing cry foe melting
live love naked have thy come naked thy go goodness only guiding

Fr Joachim D’Souza, Capuchin

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