Pathetic Lower Bendore Road & Slow Pace of Work Drains Residents Patience  

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Pathetic Lower Bendore Road leading to Bethany Convent, ESI Hospital and many Residences & Slow Pace of Work Drains Residents’ Patience. Team Mangalorean supports Developmental Works but not the ones done at a slow pace and unscientifically, putting motorists and commuters in hardships. No Compromise whatsoever on Bad Planning and Unscientific Work!

Mangaluru: Development of roads, drainage etc is very much needed, but when such works are done unscientifically and at a slow pace, would surely make people lose their patience and put forth their woes, unable to bear the hardship and inconveniences they have to face for days and weeks. The residents and visitors using the Lower Bendore Road have raised their voices for a long time to the concerned officials of Mangaluru City Corporation, including the MCC Commissioner and Mayor, to complete the laying of underground drainage work as early as possible, even though in reply they got assurances from the “Irresponsible” engineers of MCC that the work will be done soon, but all in vain.

It has been nearly a month, but until today the entire stretch of the lane is in a mess, with slush mud, broken interlocks, sand and jelly scattered throughout, making it hard for pedestrians to walk through. Residents say that some days they have noticed no workers at the site, and the lane is getting worse day by day. They complain that the delay in completing the work has been causing them a lot of problems.

The residents complain that the MCC authorities have not taken measures to facilitate the residents in using the UGD facility at various localities in that Ward. All our efforts in reaching the MCC people behind this project and the menace caused are in vain, say a few residents of the area, including those living in Saroj Madhu Apartments.

A resident speaking to Team Mangalorean said, “I have an ailing father who needs to be taken to the hospital twice or three times a week, and with this torn-up road many auto-rickshaws are reluctant to come in this lane, and with much difficulties, I have to help my dad walk till the end of the lane to catch an auto. Is this how our MCC officials put their citizens in torture by intentionally delaying completing a project, even after many plead to them. I thank the Team of for coming here to highlight the civic issue, and I hope it would be an eye-opener for the concerned officials and contractors who are negligent”.

A senior citizen woman said, “I used to enjoy my daily morning and evening walks with my neighbours, unfortunately since a couple of weeks I have not stepped out of my compound. It’s treacherous out there, with the entire stretch of the road torn up and workers taking their own time to complete the project. I feel ashamed to say we live in a City called SMART CITY, and none of the projects undertaken is smart”. Yet another youth said even his pet dogs are fussy and reluctant to walk on the present condition of the road.

Expressing his feeling with anger an IT employee who has been facing hardship since he can’t use his 2-wheeler and has to walk in the slush and mud/sand/rocks ridden road with computer/documents/files etc in his hand said, “It is very saddening to note that the elected representatives don’t show any concern towards the lives of the citizens. Why does it take over a month to finish a small stretch of the lane? This is nothing but sheer negligence and apathy of the concerned people behind this project. I only hope my message will reach them, including the MCC Commissioner, Mayor, and not to forget the ward corporator”.

No doubt that this drainage/road work which is progressing at a snail’s pace is putting people’s lives in hardship and risk, and with convents and education institutions nearby, plus house and apartments residents it is already a nightmare for them for days. And no one knows when this project will be completed since no officials are heeding to their complaints. At present, the project looks very unscientific and could invite accidents. The work which is half done also lacks planning, having already drawn flak from the public. At the same time, people are scared and taking risks to using the road, because it is too dangerous to walk on it.

At some points, people cannot walk since it is slippery. The residents, especially the elders and children, cannot control from slipping and if they lose control they will fall and end up with injuries. Even two-wheelers are finding it hard to ride in the present dilapidated condition of the lane- so, many park their vehicles at the end of the lane, and then take a long walk to their destination. The whole project is a blame game-like the contractor blaming the Officials of the MCC and its engineer for the delay. With so many projects taken up at the same time, many times the workers are shifted from one work to another, leaving the work incomplete and delayed, like this one on Lower Bendore Road, making life miserable for the people.

According to existing guidelines, the contractors should take all safety measures at the time of construction of roads, footpaths or drainage. At the same time, the engineers should strictly inspect the work of the contractors with regard to its compliance with the given plan. But it seems in the matter of this project, all these guidelines are thrown to the air and work is going on without any proper plan. The residents of this area have appealed to the MCC to act on time, without any delay.

One resident speaking to Team Mangalorean said that their ward corporator Naveen D’Souza has assured to complete the work within a couple of days- and in the meantime, the residents will have to keep their fingers crossed until they see the POSITIVE RESULTS? Anyways in anticipation, Thanks to the corporator!

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