‘Pay Your Pending Traffic Violations Fines at 50% Discount by 11 February’- DCP Dinesh Kumar

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‘A Good Opportunity to Pay Your Pending Traffic Violations Fines at 50% Discount by 11 February’- Deputy Commissioner of Police (Traffic & Crime) Dinesh Kumar. You can pay the fine @ #karnatakaone centre, #PayTM App or by making a \visit to the nearest #Traffic PS

Mangaluru: Making good use of the 50% discount offer on payment of pending fines for traffic violations, Mangalureans during the weekend have shelled out a few lakhs towards various offences, after the Karnataka government allowed a 50 % discount on traffic fines till 11 February 2023. The move comes in the wake of a resolution by the Karnataka State Legal Services Authority to request the state transport department to facilitate “access to justice for all” about traffic fines imposed by the state government across the cities in Karnataka.

In a relief for motor vehicle users, the state government on Thursday, in a one-time measure, announced a 50% cut while paying pending traffic challan cases. This offer ends on 11 February 2023. The state issued an order in this regard as part of the decision taken at a 27 January 2023 meeting presided over by Justice B Veerappa, executive chairman, of Karnataka State Legal Services Authority. The meeting had resolved to request the transport department to take steps at the earliest and report compliance to ensure access to justice for all.

DCP (Crime & Traffic) DINESH KUMAR

Based on the resolution, the state transport department sent a recommendation to the government to offer a 50 per cent discount on traffic fines in the state. On Thursday, the department issued a circular stating that a 50 per cent discount on traffic fines can be accorded for offences recorded till February 11, 2023, as a “one-time measure”. It is learnt that Rs 5.6 crore was collected on the first day, and nearly Rs 14 crore in two days in Bengaluru since a 50 per cent rebate on traffic fines was announced in Mangaluru nearly Rs 4 lakhs in pending fines were collected on Saturday, 4 February, and Rs 1.42 lakhs on Sunday, 5 February. 

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Speaking to Team Mangalorean, DCP Dinesh Kumar said, “Old Traffic Fines amount with 50% discount has been operationalized. I request all those who have not paid their pending traffic violation fines to utilize this opportunity and pay them off for safe and hassle-free travel. You can pay the fine @ #karnatakaone centre, #PayTM App or by making a \visit to the nearest #Traffic PS. On Saturday, the fines paid were-Traffic East PS 319 cases Rs 88,100; Traffic West PS 375 cases Rs 92950; Traffic North PS 384 cases Rs 79750; Traffic South PS 654 cases Rs 15,8300; ACP Traffic 36 cases Rs 8450; Mangaluru One 161 cases Rs 41500. Total 1929 cases Rs 4, 69, 050 fines collected”. 

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” Anyone can check for the cases pending against their vehicle on our website and make the payment. We will update the interface on the Mangaluru Traffic Police website. I once again appeal to all vehicle owners in the city to check if any cases are pending against their vehicles and make use of this 50% discount offer. Motorists should be careful while driving or riding not to break the traffic rules because the bunch of CCTV cameras will catch the violators and recognise the vehicle registration number and a notice is generated for the person in whose name the vehicle is registered and sent to the registered address. Follow traffic rules, and avoid paying hefty violation fines. Drive and ride carefully, and enjoy hassle-free travel” added DCP Dinesh Kumar.

Among a few individuals who paid the fines at a local traffic police station, Team Mangalorean interacted with Sudesh G K, hailing from Shakthinagar, Mangaluru who had come six fine receipts, which were slapped on his family members, all riding two-wheelers, he said “The receipts belonged to me and five others of my brothers and sister. I came to know about the concession through social media. Most of the fines were for riding without a helmet, triple riding etc, totalling around Rs 8000 plus. I brought the challans and other documents to pay the penalty amount. With this 50% discount, I walked out of the police station by paying all the pending traffic violation fines with only Rs 4000 plus. Nice to note that I saved a few BIG bucks. I urge those who have pending fines to make use of this benefit and have a clean driving or riding record”.

You can pay your fine @ #karnatakaone centre, #PayTM App or by making a \visit to the nearest #Traffic PS

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