‘Pens For Rent’ – Kid Entrepreneur Leisha D’Souza’s Innovative Enterprise

“Every daughter want to follow in her Mom’s footsteps”- that’s right! Leisha D’Souza, the nine year daughter of Loy and Divya D’Souza studying in the Fourth grade at the Yenopoya International School here, is a indeed a child of many talents and interests, but most of all she has emerged to be a young business enthusiast. Leisha’s mom is a very energetic, smart and intelligent business entrepreneur who has successfully reached? all her businesses to greater heights, through her innovative and motivational ideas. Similarly, this young entrepreneur Leisha, has initiated a company, ‘PEN ROCK COMPANY’, where she is at the helm as the company CEO!!

Leisha has a bunch of unique pens in all shapes, colour, designs and sizes. Most children at her school get bored using their same kind of pens everyday. They worry their parents for a new pen. Knowing this situation, Leisha capitalized on a unique and innovative idea to rent pens to her schoolmates, and charge them a nominal fee. She has also maintained a ledger with a list of pens, their description and respective charges. She has also drafted the terms and conditions that her clients must adhere to. Leisha is sometimes helped by her elder sister Sasha, and couple of her classmates.

Among the popular pens, is the ‘Raja Pen’ which is a mirror encrusted pen from Jaipur, for which Leisha charges Rs 30/- to rent. The ‘Berry’ and ‘Barbie’ pens, most liked by the girls are charged Rs 25/-Rs 35/-. Some of the other pens are the, ‘Rock Pen’, Black Pen’, ; Stick Pen’, ‘Gelito Gel Pen’ etc; etc;. To try any pen, you will to pay Rs 2/- as trial fee. Rent charges are Rs 4 per day, Rs 6 for 2 days, and so on to a max of 5 days. Leisha does not want anyone to know how much income she made out of her “petty” business, but I can bet she made a few hundred bucks. ” That’s a very good business idea this girl has come up with. But the only problem is that the kids are or maybe stealing money from their parents pockets to pay for the rent charges”, is a rumour that I heard. Oh well, that’s okay, everything will be fine I guess – kids are kids always, anyhow !

That’s a lot of business from a small girl of 9 years who has big plans of expanding her business. Leisha’s business idea has kind of motivated me to start the same kind of enterprise, since I have a huge collection of pens. But there will be one problem in renting my pens, because most of my friends want something for nothing ? When I asked Leisha what she will do with the money she made, she replied that, most of it she would give alms to the beggars every Sunday after Church Mass, also wants to spend it at Pizza Hut, KFC and shopping at City Centre Mall. This Christmas she wants to buy a nice gift for her mom. ” How about a gift for your dad”, I asked. ” Only in case if any money is left over, then only my dad will get a gift” Leisha smilingly replied. Best of luck to Leisha in her “booming” business venture.

What we can learn here is that, everyone has ideas, inventions and dreams but only a few ever make any money from their thoughts. Children have a large capacity for learning, and children’s inventions or ideas can help them to enhance the way that they learn. Kids inventions or ideas should be things that make sense to them. From a simple thought, idea to an actual business strategy as a primary school girl, Leisha is not trying to show off or anything of that sought, but she is simply trying to show that it is possible for a kid to actually make money–if you have a will, there is a way!

While coming up with a successful new invention or idea these days is often inspired by fame and commercial success many invention or idea stories are all about making a change and helping one’s community or the world at large find a solution to a problem. Talk about some recent green inventions or sustainable invention/idea, that helped solve situations in the third world and the likes. We need to teach children about the potential transforming lives through coming up with creative ideas aimed at helping others.

The inventions over the years that have come about have been very beneficial in many cases. So much of what we enjoy today is the result of the daydreaming of the people many moons ago. It is hard to determine just how valuable a child?s daydream may be someday. Many times, parents get after their kids when they are daydreaming. Part of that is a result of the pace of our society today. Ironically, the pace of our society has a lot to do with the daydreaming of the children from decades ago. If this society is going to continue to progress then we need to allow? children to be children and to daydream at times the things that they would like to invent to make their lives easier. Much of what they think about is a bunch of naive nonsense that would not be good for them. However, some of their ideas could be the next invention that makes life easier for everyone along with progressing the human race into a more complex and more sophisticated society that is capable of doing things that we cannot presently do.

The next time that you see your child daydreaming, remember to let them be kids and do some of that. Of course, it needs to be done within reason and should be kept to appropriate times when it does not interfere with their school work or other important times when they should be thinking or doing other things. This means that as a parent you need to make sure that your children have some free time and that their life is not a web of scheduled events.

Author: Alfie DSouza- Illinois