People with Vested interests creating unnecessary problems in ‘Hijab’ Issue – Raghupathi Bhat

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People with Vested interests creating unnecessary problems in ‘Hijab’ Issue – Raghupathi Bhat

Udupi: “Some people with vested interests are creating unnecessary problems in the issue of wearing the Hijab inside the classroom”, said Udupi MLA and also the president of Girls Government College Raghupathi Bhat.

Speaking to MLA Raghupathi Bhat said, “Since 1985, the college is following the dress code. Now, some students are demanding to allow them to wear the Hijab inside the classroom. For the past 18 months, they were attending the classes wearing the college uniform. But some people are using the students and trying to create problems by bringing politics into the college”.

MLA further said, “The state government should decide on the issue of wearing the uniform in the Schools /Colleges. We have already written a letter to the PU board in this regard. Today few students have asked to allow to wear the Hijab inside the classroom, tomorrow some more students will ask permission to wear the Saffron shawl, jeans or sleeveless dress. Will the government allow it”? he questioned.

MLA also said, “Today, if the college allows the students to wear whatever they want, the college might get many other demands from other students. The state government should take serious action in this matter. The government should think about the future of the students. Wearing the uniform refers to equality. Dr B R Ambedkar also said that equality should come in education. The New Delhi High court has already given a judgment in the Uniform issue”.

Until now our district is peaceful but some people with vested interests are trying to create communal unrest by bringing up such unnecessary issues. I urge everyone to keep our district peaceful. In our college, there are more than 100 Muslim students who are following the rules and the rules apply to all, he said.

The issue:

Four days ago Six Muslim girl students of the government women’s PU College in Udupi alleged that the principal was not allowing them to wear the ‘Hijab’ (headscarf) in the classroom.

The students had also complained that they were not being allowed to talk in Urdu, Arabic and Beary languages. The girls stood outside the classroom for three days in protest. The students claim that their parents had approached principal Rudra Gowda for talks, but he refused to discuss the matter.

The girls say that they have not been given attendance for the last three days and fear they might face a shortage of attendance.

College principal Rudra Gowda has said that the students can wear the Hijab on the school premises, but not inside the classrooms. The rule is being followed to ensure uniformity in classrooms.

In this regard, a meeting was held at the Government PU College for girls in Udupi on Saturday, and it was decided not to allow students to wear the headscarf inside the classroom.

The meeting was held in the presence of the president of the college betterment committee MLA Raghupathi Bhat and other leaders. Deputy director, department of PU education Maruti, Udupi town police and parents of the students were also present. The parents had also agreed to the decision. It was decided that the college has no problem with women wearing the burqa/Hijab when they are on campus, but will have to follow the college rules inside the classroom.

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  1. It was clear from day-1 that these were troublemakers trying to hit the national headlines. Media should have questioned the students as to why they are trying to change the rules established as far back as in 1985? Well, sad state of affairs in India. Kudos to Rudre Gowda and College management for taking a firm stand on this issue and sending a clear signal to others.

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