Peoples’ IGNORANCE & Officials NEGLIGENCE has Turned this Area into a ‘Mini Pachanady Dumpyard’?

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Peoples’ IGNORANCE & Officials NEGLIGENCE has turned this Area into a Mini Pachanady Dumpyard. And this AREA is near Kottara-Chowki on NH 66, opposite to Goldfinch City, and near to AJ Institute of Engineering and Technology, and around 15 houses.

Mangaluru: When you see this area filled with piles of waste/some burnt will make you think, why would the District Administration or the Mangaluru City Corporation (MCC) turn a blind eye to such a SAFETY HAZARD issue. There is all kinds of waste, from industrial to household to food waste, and there are very good chances of diseases like Malaria, Dengue that could be spread, amidst the deadly virus Covid-19 that we are encountering. Why has the district administration and MCC remained silent on this issue, is what the local residents and students/staff of the Engineering College are wondering. In spite of constant complaints and reminders made to the area corporator there has been no action nor any positive results, say the local residents.

Despite the hype around the cleanliness drive after the Prime Minister’s clarion call for Swaccha Bharath Abhiyan, filth is still visible on this side street adjacent to the national highway. With the dumping of garbage in this large empty space, many a time residents of that area and students/staff of the nearby college are put to inconvenience by the stench that emanates from the garbage dumped indiscriminately. In spite of awareness on why the use of plastic should be avoided, people continue to use plastics. It forms a major chunk of the garbage dumped along with other waste materials. Even people have been dumping garbage into the filthy open stormwater drain which runs parallel to this “Mini Pachanady Dumpyard”?

The discarded waste includes household garbage, meat waste, fruit and vegetable waste from vendors and markets. People have been totally ignorant in littering this area and the waste pile grows bigger and bigger day by day. Many times miscreants set the garbage on fire, and black smoke escaping into the air could be seen from miles away, and this has also affected the health of nearby residents, especially seniors with breathing or other health symptoms. Does the admin or MCC care about the safety and health of its citizens? Absolutely not!

Yes, we agree that the disposal of garbage continues to be a challenge faced by the civic authorities. Officials say that they alone can not keep the city clean. A change in attitude among people towards the issue of cleanliness is the need of the hour. In spite of many awareness programmes on ‘Swachh Bharath’ people have the habit of dumping garbage wherever they feel like. Adding to this, construction debris is also dumped. But the authorities should not keep quiet with such silly reasons, instead, come up with a plan in preventing people from littering.

A final year student of the nearby engineering college speaking to Team Mangalorean said, “When the garbage is set on fire, we get an unbearable stench distracting us while attending classes. The huge area of waste is a concern for all of us, fearing it could spread various kinds of diseases. There are days where we could not even keep our classroom windows open, due to the strong stink emanating into the air from the nearby dump yard. Many students have fallen sick due to this waste yard, and nothing has been done whatsoever by our elected leaders and other concerned authorities. Guess they want us to feel the brunt and suffer “.

A woman living in a house near to the waste dump area said, “We have been living in this area for decades and had no such issues, until lately when people started to dump all kinds of waste in this area, and no officials have stopped such illegal acts and menace. Many times we have seen police on beat sitting in their Hoysala cars near to this area, but don’t do a damn thing, saying that it is not their duty to stop people from littering. I have an elderly mother suffering from asthma, and she can’t even come out of the house to feel the fresh air, due to the stench and thick smoke from burnt waste. Is this how our officials and elected leaders care for their citizens, especially the elderly. I feel ashamed to say that we have such careless officials, including our corporator who has only given promises but no action”.

It’s time that our elected state representatives and authorities of the district admin and MCC take quick action on this garbage menace near Kottara-Chowki on NH 66 before it’s too late with the waste piling up day by day. The co-operation of every citizen is also required to keep the area pollution-free. While looking forward to quick action from the concerned people in rectifying the “STINKING ISSUE”, I remain to thank them all in anticipation.

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