‘Playing Golf is Good for Your Heart & Long Life’- DIG Venkatesh at XXII BMW-Pilikula Challenge Tourney

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‘Playing Golf is Good for Your Heart & Long Life’- Deputy Inspector General (DIG) S Babu Venkatesh-the Commander of Coast Guard District No. 3, Karnataka (CGDHQ No.3(KA)) -Panambur, Mangaluru at XX!! BMW-Pilikula Challenge Tournament prize Distribution Ceremony on Friday, 14 January 2022 at Pilikula Golf Club, Moodushedde, near Vamanjoor, Mangaluru

Mangaluru: Boo-Yah! -where it means exclamation of happiness, being excited, or feeling overwhelmed. And yes, that was the scene at the Strokeplay, Stableford and Handicap, the Annual XXII BMW- Pilikula Challenge Golf Tournament held at Pilikula Golf Club on 13 and 14 January 2022. Pilikula Golf Club situated at Moodushedde about 12 kilometers from Mangaluru, is the first golf club in this picturesque City and Coastal Karnataka. This sprawling course is spread across 60 acres of land, and the 18 Hole Golf course is a facility that allows Members and Tourists to tee off amidst the undulating greens. The golf course has been designed making best use of natural terrain and topography, which incorporates narrow and challenging fairways. The Tournaments are conducted annually with the participation of the golfers from the state in particular and also the golfers from the neighbouring states of Kerala and Tamil Nadu.

One of the biggest events of Pilikula Golf Club (PGC). is the Pilikula Annual Golf Tournament, which is held every year during the second week of December- and this year due to the pandemic the Golf Tournament was a bit delayed. This Golf Challenge captures all the drama and unpredictability of a great golf event. Every year this global tournament involves club golfers from PGC, and also golfers from in and around Mangaluru and Karnataka State. What begins at a local golf club can be the start of the golfing experience of a lifetime.

This major Annual Golf Tournament gives golfers the chance to participate in competitive but friendly and professionally-run events, and also get the golfing experience of a lifetime. As a sport, golf knows no boundaries – its participants come together to speak the universal language of golf. What better way to do this than in the XXII BMW- Pilikula Golf Challenge Tournament? This year’s Golf Tournament attracted quite a few participants, from PGC , and also from other parts of the state, including Bengaluru.

From the very first tee, you are greeted by emerald green grass and greenery that are immaculately groomed providing the best Coastal Mangaluru golf experience. Winding through a colorful, sub-tropical foliage, the tranquil surroundings allow you to swing the club with smooth tempo and enjoy a relaxing round of golf that is challenging, yet a pleasure to play in every way. Once again you wonder: “How do I finish in as few strokes as possible but make it last all day?” And that was the experience many golfers felt during the two-day golf tournament, and they loved every bit of it.

After a two-day hectic tournament on a treacherous sunny weekend, it was finally the prize distribution ceremony held on Friday,14 January, which was graced by family members, relatives and friends of PGC. The dignitaries on the dais for the prize distribution ceremony were- Chief guest Deputy Inspector General (DIG) S Babu Venkatesh-the Commander of Coast Guard District No. 3, Karnataka (CGDHQ No.3(KA)) -Panambur, Mangaluru (in the absence of chief guest Deputy Commissioner of DK, Dr KV Rajendra , who is also the President of PGC, who couldn’t make it due to other engagement) ; Dr Sandeep Rai Captain of PGC;Secretary-.V.J.Saju Neeliyara; Manoj Shetty-Tournament Chairman; Rajith -the Sales Head at Varsha Autohaus BMW (Sponsorer) in Kottara Chowki, Mangaluru.

Senior most member of PGC, M Narasinga Rai was felicitated by the managing committee of PGC in recognition of his contribution and immense support to PGC and to the game of Golf as a whole- he was given a standing ovation while he was being honored. M N Rai , of Perara Mundabettu Guthu family/home was born on 15 th Jan 1942, and on Saturday he turned 80. He did his High school at Ganapathi High School Mangaluru; .B.Sc : Govt. College, Mangalore ( Now University College ) and B.E : KREC (now NITK), passed out in 1 st Batch 1965 – 8 th Rank in Mysore University. He joined Air India as a trainee Engineer for 2 years. Obtained Boeing 707 and 747 (Jumbo Jet) Certification licenses issued by DGCA, Govt. of India.

Having worked in Air India for 17 years, he had the privilege of signing out many VVIP flights including President and Prime Minister of India. He joined Kuwait Airways as Senior Engineer for Certification of B747; Worked for 20 years, Retired at 60. (Can work upto 65). Retired in 2002. At present he is a Honorary worker for Charity Organizations-like Member of World Bunts Foundation Trust, Mangalore; Lions Club Member; President of Mundabettu Guthu Family Trust; President of Sri Radha Krishna Temple, Kinnikambla;and President of Kinnikambla Vidya Vardhaka Sangha. He became a member of PGC while he worked in Kuwait through K.C Naik, and his Membership number is PM.018,and started to Play regularly after retirement in 2002.

Speaking on the occasion, P N Rai said “Those who like golfing, it is a sport that requires concentration and precision, and it’s enjoyed by professional athletes and amateurs, both of whom compete throughout the year for titles and prizes. Many people consider golf an easy game to learn, but not everyone is actually good at golf. The basics of golf include hitting a ball with a club, trying hard to hit the ball directly into the hole on the green. If you haven’t tried playing golf, make up your mind, and you’ll love it once you get attached to it. If I can still love and play golf at this vintage age, anyone can play this game. Make some time in between your other busy activities, and feel the difference playing golf”.

Also speaking on the occasion, chief guest DIG Venkatesh said ” It’s the participation that matters more than winning. If you didn’t win this time, don’t lose hope-you have many more chances in the future-and make the best use of the golfing opportunities when they come your way. I feel proud of myself for learning how to play golf, and I enjoy every bit of the game. Playing golf means spending a lot of time outdoors, and any activity that gets you outside is beneficial for your health in various ways. Fresh air can help everything from your digestive health to your blood pressure and heart rate. People who spend more time outdoors are at lower risk of various chronic health diseases, including obesity”.

“Golf is a social sport and it fosters a healthy sense of competition. Golf can improve concentration and boost your brain,and playing golf is good for your heart and your long life. It can relieve stress and improve your mental health, and also burn calories and can help with weight loss. From boosted immunity to a better night’s sleep, mental health benefits to the potential of weight loss, there are many great health benefits of playing golf. What’s stopping you from heading to the green?” added DIG Venkatesh.


The prize distribution was followed by fellowship and sumptuous lunch , and a few happy revelers after a sumptuous lunch and a few cocktails stepped onto to the dance floor and started swinging their hips and bodies to the melodious tunes rendered by the band “J & B Vibes” consisting of Joel Rebello (Vocals), Ms Rochelle D’sa ( Vocals), Eldon D’souza ( Keyboard) and Roshan Crasta (lead guitar). It was a perfect Friday, even though it was not a Saturday or Sunday for the happy golfers who had a Happy Golfing together with a Spirited Fellowship . The event was meticulously compered by Prem Fontes. Cheers!

A little more history of Pilikula Golf Club- PGC is a golfer’s paradise! Beautiful property that is well maintained, with lush green lawns and the sounds of birds chirping away greet you. The place looks great, and well recommended for golf lovers. Well maintained and it’s huge, plus the greenery is amazing. Golf is played on a course, and the green area of the course is known as the fairway. The typical course consists of 18 holes, although golfers can play a 9-hole course twice to play a full game of 18 holes. Golfers begin a play by standing at the tee green and aiming the ball towards the putting green, the area where the flagstick and hole are located. The length from the teeing green to the hole varies depending on the course, and it may or may not be seen from the teeing the green. Most courses have holes that are seen from the tee green, but some angle left or right making them invisible from the tee green.

Anyone who enjoys a nice walk and doesn’t mind learning a few rules can begin to play golf. While many professional golfers have contributed to the growing popularity of golf, amateur players still bring a passion for the game that excites fans and players alike. To know more about Golf, please contact PGC (824 2262957, 824-2263957. Mobile : +91 720 480 1217; 9845083322 (Captain Dr Rai) Mail: pilikulagolf@gmail.com. and they will get you in touch with one of their panel coaches for an in-depth info session!

The idea of the present course was conceived by  M.S. Gowdar, District Forest Officer and Dr. E.V. Ramana Reddy, Deputy Commissioner in the year 1998. The PGC which was originally a part of Pilikula Nisargadhama became an independent entity and was registered on the 11th of October 2001, with  A.K.Monappa, Deputy Commissioner as President. At present  Dr K V Rajendra, the DC of DK is the president, Dr B Sandeep Rai-Captain; V J Saju Neeliyara- Secretary; and Vishal Hegde- Treasurer

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