PM Modi Coming to Karnataka again & again is Proof of BJP Govt’s Failure in State’ – Padmaraj R

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PM Modi Coming to Karnataka again & again is Proof of BJP Govt’s Failure in State’ – Padmaraj R

Udupi: KPCC General Secretary Padmaraj R on May 6, 2023, hit out at Prime Minister Narendra Modi alleging that he had time to campaign for state election every day but not visit during Covid or Floods in Karnataka.

Speaking at a press meeting held at the Press Club Padmaraj said, “If the BJP government had worked towards the development of the state, there was no need for Narendra Modi to come to the state so many times during the elections. To hide the failures of the State government, Modiji is coming again and again to Karnataka”.

Padmaraj further said, “The people of the state are aware of the massive corruption of the BJP government. People will give a befitting reply to BJP in this election for not fulfilling the promises it had made to the people in its 2018 election manifesto. After the BJP government came to power, the price of petrol, food items and the gas cylinder has more than doubled. All the promises made earlier in the party manifesto are not yet fulfilled. BJP came to power by fooling the people of the state”.

Padmaraj also said, “Out of 165 promises made by Congress in the 2013 election manifesto, the Siddaramaiah government implemented 158 of them, besides introducing 20 other welfare projects, like Anna Bhagya, Ksheera Bhagya, Vidyashree and Shaadi Bhagya. People are aware that Congress has fulfilled its promises and will give the party a thumping majority in the ensuing elections”.

Padmaraj criticised the BJP for engaging in politics of hate and raising issues like the hijab and halal and polarising society for electoral gains. There is no talk of development by the BJP.

He reiterated the party’s commitment to implement its guarantee schemes of 200 units of free power, 10 kg free rice, Rs 2,000 for each women household head, unemployment support allowance to youth, and free travel for women in public transport buses, saying these were financially viable provided the government adhered to financial discipline.

The BJP has never won a majority on its own. Instead, it lures elected representatives of other parties, through ‘Operation Kamala’, which is now synonymous with poaching MLAs, to form the government.

There is no proposal to ban any organization in the Congress manifesto. He said that the manifesto mentions banning only associations and organizations that carry out illegal activities.

Congress will win all five seats in the Udupi district. By winning more than 135 seats in the state, it will come back to power with a full majority, he said.

KPCC Secretary Rajshekar Kotian, Leaders Mithun Ameen, Saurabh Ballal, Yathish Karkera, Udayvara Nagesh Kumar, Girish Sagri and others were present.

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