Police to Follow Up on 33 Calls made during Top Cop’s Phone-In Programme on Various Issues

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Police to Follow Up on 33 Calls made during Top Cop’s Phone-In Programme on Various Issues held on Saturday, 5 August 2023 from 10 am to 11 am

Mangaluru: The Mangaluru Police Commissioner Kuldeep Kumar R Jain during the Phone-In programme held on Saturday, 5 August 2023 responded to 33 calls made by the citizens of Mangaluru on various issues relating to law and order, and traffic-related problems, among others. Many callers across the city complained about auto drivers taking excessive fares, and the need for a mental health awareness programme for the elderly and children. In response, the police commissioner said that the police will take up drives on various issues like auto-rickshaws collecting excessive fares, buses missing routes, and buses with loudspeakers. He also said that the department would conduct a programme on mental health issues for the elderly through home visits.

He also said that over 600 cases are filed over unnatural deaths due to suicide, drowning and other reasons, and pointed out that the suicidal rate is high among children., In response to a caller stating that zebra crossings are not visible, the top cop said that he will communicate with the concerned authorities in the NHAI and Mangaluru City Corporation to paint the zebra crossing spots and also the RTO to take action against auto-rickshaws over excessive fare,

Many callers complained about traffic issues, shrill horns, parking issues on Bejai-Kapikad road, urged to make the court road one way to avoid traffic congestion, parking on footpaths, cock fights at Aikala and conductors not issuing bus tickets, and the police commissioner assured that he will follow up and that necessary actions will b taken at the earliest to rectify all those issues.

During the programme DCPs (Law and Order) Anshu Kumar and (Crime and Traffic) Dinesh Kumar, and ACP Traffic Ms Geetha Kulkarni, among other police personnel were present.

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