Pope Francis

Pope Francis

With his all-embracing love for Christ and basic human drive
To reach out to the ones in need and help them to survive
He?s won the hearts of everyone especially the weak
Pledging to protect and serve the downtrodden and meek

While many can pontificate they can not walk the talk
Like this loving humble Pope who?s bent on shepherding his flock
Reflecting on God?s mercy he?s been showing us the way
Joining hands together imploring us to pray

Shunning all the trappings that come with being the Pope
1.2 billion Followers are watching him with hope
With a friendly ?Buona sera? he responded to the crowd
Requesting them to pray for him, his head, in silence bowed

He chose to ride the minivan and not the papal car
Becoming much more popular than any movie star
Silk and furs are not his choice ? his cassock eggshell white
Such modesty in Vatican is not a common sight

Carrying his own baggage and even paying his bill
His manner indicating uprightness and good will
Avoiding ruby red boots he seems to fill the shoes
Of a fisherman named Peter whom Christ himself did choose 

He chose from young offenders and washed their feet with love
His papacy assuring them of blessings from above
He looked beyond their tattoos and looked into their eyes
Making them feel wanted which took them by surprise

He stopped to cradle Dominic, a young disabled boy
A moment bringing all to tears evoking heartfelt joy
Departing from tradition, he even stopped to bless
A Labrador belonging to visually impaired press

Building bridges all across, renouncing pomp and show
He reminds us of a man who walked 2000 years ago
His grasp of social issues and his concern for all
Reaching out to different faiths will help us break the wall

With simple-minded vision, Jorge Bergoglio
Is like the man from Assisi who chose to serve the poor
Called a Pope of many ?Firsts? this people centred Pope
Has bowled us with his message ? of Love and Peace and Hope

Author: Anita Britto