Popular Sports That Indians Like to Bet On

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Popular Sports That Indians Like to Bet On

While betting on casino games is well known in India, sports betting is also not behind in this race. A lot of people in India are just crazy sports fans. The unity in diversity can also be observed here where people love sports which are so diverse. There is also a tremendously sharp trend that can be observed when it comes to sports betting.

As someone new to sports, you must have the feeling that it is mostly cricket that people love to watch and bet on the most. But the scenario is a bit different. More people are keen on finding the top sports to bet on in India.

People love many different sports in India and when it comes to betting what they also like to consider are betting offers like promotions in the form of free bets, deposit bonus, and cashback options. The deposit bonus is one of the most popular bonuses in India and you can find more about deposit bonuses here!

However, it is important to consider sports with a huge fan following before arriving at a conclusion. Let us rate some of the top sports in India based on their following and betting offers offered by betting sites throughout the year! 

1. Cricket

India is regularly known as a cricket-crazy nation. There is no game that can ever replace the love and ardour for cricket in India. Cricket was introduced in India at the time of British rule and with the introduction of IPL, the fervour for online cricket betting has seen a sharp increase. Cricket is one of the most wagered sports in India but also the 5th major wagered sport in the entire world. Many cricket leagues are popular in and around the world and especially in India. No doubt that the huge fan following also results from the fact that India has a very strong team when it comes to cricket. People love to bet not only on the winning odds of their favourite teams but also in a way favour their favourite players too.

The increasing love for betting on cricket can also be credited to the fact that a number of websites feature the matches that are being played and also give a chance to wager on those.

2. Football

Football started in India and dates back in the 19th century. It was brought to India by the British soldiers and the rise began with the establishment of the Mohun Bagan’s club during the 1890s. Although cricket is India’s first love, football is the second most favourite sport and the sports betting industry has grown ever since.

The sports sector in India has witnessed several recent developments brought forward by the significant growth of not only football but the sports industry as a whole. Football has historically been one of the top three sports in player participation, TV viewership and receiving support from fans. A sharp rise has also been observed in the football betting industry for years now peak is seen in football betting. Football has been on the top when it comes to people involved, the number of people watching football and support from fans.

3. Kabaddi

Kabaddi had always been a priority sport for the government, especially since the team won gold in the 2006 Asian Games but never largely got any public notice. However, until 2014 that sport when the Pro Kabaddi League started the level of Kabaddi was elevated. The status of the sport suddenly went on a sharp increase from rural pastime to primetime television nationwide. To date, 8 PKL seasons have been played and as many as five different teams have lifted the title. Since the Pro Kabaddi League started in 2014, fans have been able to place bets on kabaddi by using online kabaddi betting sites. This game gets both intense and exciting and every season, millions of Indians join up with the best kabaddi sites and place bets on their favourite kabaddi teamKabaddi keeps exchanging its place for the 2nd most popular sport to bet on, football.

4. Horse racing

Horse racing is one of the oldest sports in the world dates back to the Greek Olympic Games. Over the years, horse racing grew into one of the most popular sports for betting and there is a good reason for that. One of the main reasons that horse race betting is so popular in India is because of the regulations the government has around it. It is considered to be a game of skill and not chance and has been legalised in most parts of India. Obviously, another main factor that contributes to this is the fact that there are many turf clubs around India and horse racing events happening throughout the year. 


These are some of the main sports that India likes to bet on and their odds can be easily explored on the betting sites operational in India. However, whichever sport you bet on it is important to keep in mind the licence possessed by that bookmaker. This represents the safety offered by the brand. So choose whichever sport you like to bet on be it the most popular cricket or something less popular like tennis but always ensure that the betting site you use is safe and always keep in mind thought about being responsible.

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