Portraits and paintings

Name : Abhishek A.R
Class : 10th Std
School : St/ Aloysius High School
Date of Birth: 10 / 04/1994
Father’s name: Ashok
Mother’s name: Rekha

His hobbies include Playing Football, drawing and painting.

I love painting and drawing since my childhood ever since I started holding pencil in my hand! My parents always remind me how I used to scribble on everything that came my way be it a piece of paper or even walls of our home. I like to draw and paint God?s gifts from nature like flowers, forest, river or any sort of landscapes using oil paints on canvas.

I also have a unique interest in painting the portraits of famous personalities or even people by looking at their face. When I paint the portraits of famous personalities, I look at their photograph and paint them. This needs lot of patience as it is tedious and time consuming process and every detail like nostrils, eyes and lips have to be carefully taken care!

I hope you will like these few paintings that I have submitted to this website.

~ Abhishek