Pourakarmikas Strike Reaching 12th Day Mayor Convincing them to Return to Work

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Pourakarmikas Strike Reaching 12th Day Mangaluru City Corporation Mayor Jayanand Anchan Convincing them to Return to Work. Mayor hopes the strike could end by this weekend and collection of garbage could resume in full fledge on Monday.

Mangaluru: With no settlement reached between the striking sanitation workers/Pourakarmikas and government, on the 12th day of their strike the City is laden with heaps of garbage at every nook and corner, and the stink is unbearable, posing also health hazards. And no proper solutions have been taken by the elected representatives or City authorities. Meanwhile, MCC Mayor Jayanand Anchan said that the government is holding discussions to find solutions to the strike being carried out by the pourakarmikas. The mayor said that an amicable solution is likely within a day or two.

Mayor Jayanand Anchan

Speaking to the media, the Mayor said “The maintenance of four Sewage Treatment Plants (STP), 22 wet wells and underground drainage (UGD) networks were affected due to the strike. Since the pumping has been stalled in wet wells of the UGD, STPs are not functioning. UGD pipelines are choked and people are suffering due to leakages on the road and public places. Though the MLA has held a meeting with workers, it has not yielded results. The workers on strike are not allowing others on contract to operate wet wells and drive UGD maintenance vehicles. They have been threatening that they will hold a protest by pouring sewage on their body,”.


It is learnt that the water level in Thumbe vented dam has depleted further. As of Friday, the water level in the dam was 4.96 meters. Chief whip of MCC council Premanand Shetty speaking to the media said, “The water level, which was 5.1 meters on Monday, reduced to 4.96. If it reduces further to 4 meters, then we will make arrangements to release water from the AMR dam the upstream of Thumbe dam. This will help the city corporation supply water to the city for 45 more days. Hence, till April end, there will be no water rationing,”.

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