Pramod Mutalik condemns BJP’s move to sack Nupur Sharma over Prophet remark

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Pramod Mutalik condemns BJP’s move to sack Nupur Sharma over Prophet remark

Sri Ram Sene chief Pramod Mutalik on Friday condemned the BJP for suspending party’s spokesperson Nupur Sharma over her remarks about Prophet Mohammed.

Urging the Centre not to succumb to the pressure of Muslim countries, he said, such nations do not utter a word when Muslims show disrespect to Hindu deities. There is no need for them to poke their nose into the internal matters of India, he added.

Mutalik told reporters that Sene supports Nupur Sharma, Kashmiri Hindus who were being forced to flee the Valley by Muslims and textbook revision committee’s former chief Rohit Chakratirtha.

He said, “We condemn the action taken against Nupur Sharma. The BJP should induct her back into the party instead of suppressing her morally. She has defended the party during debates and the party needs to stand with her.”

“When artist M F Hussain painted nude pictures of Hindu deities, Muslim countries kept their mouth shut while we followed the law of the land. None speaks about the condition of Hindus in Pakistan and Bangladesh,” he added.

Mutalik said Kashmiri Muslims were forcing Hindus to quit the Valley and were attempting to create a situation like what happened 32 years ago. Hindu teachers and other government employees were murdered. “The Centre has failed to protect Hindus in Kashmir, hence gun licences should be given to them for self-protection.”

Supporting the dissolved textbook revision committee chief Rohit Chakratirtha, he said, “After Independence, the country witnessed five Muslim education ministers who glorified invaders in textbooks while India patriots were sidelined. Congress, communists and intellectuals who had been keeping quiet are now opposing the textbooks which contain lessons on patriots. They were opposed to textbooks as a lesson on RSS founder K B Hedgewar was included. RSS was a patriotic organisation, but all were opposed to it. Flaws were committed in textbooks when Baraguru Ramchandrappa was the chairman, but no one raised their voice as he was a Communist.”

He said the new textbooks have not meted out insults to anybody including Basavanna. “Seers should realise this. The Congress has no morals to talk about textbooks and it should be left to the society to decide.”

Regarding temples being converted into mosques, he said Indian Muslims should give up such places and live in harmony with Hindus. Efforts were being made to reclaim all the 30,000 temples being converted into mosques.

He added that Sene would support MLA Abhay Patil who wants to restore the temple that was allegedly demolished to build Shahi Mosque at Bapat Galli.

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  1. This is not an internal matter of India
    Matter of prophet
    Whole Muslim from all over the world question this
    Why don’t you tell Modi to stop business with gulf countries?
    You are not even peanut Mutalik for Arab country
    Even Modi cannot go and stop business with them
    Don’t mess with gulf country
    Do you know Mutalik how remittances coming from gulf countries to India
    What happened in Nupur case you already seen

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