President of TSA Dayanand Kattalsar Injured in Road Accident

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President of TSA Dayanand Kattalsar Injured in Road Accident

Mangaluru: President of Tulu Sahitya Academy Dayanand Kattalsar was injured after his car collided with a fish-laden truck at Nanthur Junction here, on February 6.

According to the police, on February 6, at around 5.15 am, Dayanand Kattalsar was on his way to Nanthur from Bikkarnakatte. As he reached the Nanthur junction, he failed to notice a truck coming from KPT side and collided into the truck. Due to the impact, the airbags were deployed and Dayanand was saved from major injuries.

Dayanand was injured in the head and shifted to a hospital in the city.

Speaking to, the truck driver said, “We were on the way to Kerala carrying fish in the truck. At Nanthur Junction, a car coming from the other side hit our truck. If we don’t reach Kerala, the fish will rot”.

Mangaluru East Traffic police reached the spot for further investigation.

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  1. If one can avoid, Nanthoor Junction, he or she is wise and safe.

    Wonder why the Transport Dept, inspite of earning so much of revenue
    from vehicle owners, fail to make roads and junction safe. Traffic
    lights, cameras, and over-speeding cameras must be installed on all
    major roads, to ensure safety and smooth movement of traffic. It’s
    a mess right now at this and other junctions in Mangalore, where
    no one has the ethics or education to give priority to others or to
    move ahead with priority. Truck drivers are the worst, irresponsible
    and always pressed for time – Fish will rot was the remark of the
    truck driver – only because perishable food is still transported in
    India in a container or a lorry without refrigeration. That’s how

  2. Nanthur junction is a death trap. Any amountvof caution is not sufficient. Some cab drivers drive too rash ignoring big vehicles who come at super speed as it is the NH 66.
    Saar Kattalu iruvaaga innoo swalpa jaagrate irabeku. Devaru nimmannu kaapaadali.

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