Price So Cheap You’ll Freak! 3 1/2 Kg Red Grapes in ‘Drakshe Butti’ Sold at Rs 150 on NH near Nanthur

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Price So Cheap You’ll Freak! 3 1/2 Kg Red Grapes in ‘Drakshe Butti’ Sold at Rs 150 on NH near Nanthur

  •  Price So Cheap You’ll Freak! 3 1/2 Kg Red Grapes in ‘Drakshe Butti’ (Grapes Basket) Sold at Rs 150 on the stretch of National Highway between Nanthur Junction and Padua School/College

 Mangaluru: If you drive or ride or walk along the stretch of National Highway 66 between Nanthur Junction all the way to KPT Circle you will see street vendors from out of town/state selling all kinds of products, from essentials to non-essentials. Fruits, Vegetables, Chicken, Pottery, Cricket Bats, Blankets, etc- and now a new addition to these street vendors are three young men from Chikkabaalpur selling red grapes, at an unbelievably cheap price- and the grapes are selling like hot cakes.

Yes, we all know that Chikkaballapur, the district headquarters of the newly created Chikkaballapur district in the state of Karnataka, is a place where a large amount of grapes are grown, apart from other vegetables, fruits and flowers. Due to the recent pandemic grape growers have incurred a terrible loss, and are trying to make up their losses by selling their grape products at cheaper price. Many street vendors buy grapes from these farmers at a wholesale price, and sell them to customers keeping a little profit, in order to sell their stock, rather than waste it.

Chikkaballapura- “Chikka” in Kannada means “small”, while “balla” means the measure to quantify food grains, and “pura” means “town”. Thus, it is a place where people used to use small measures to quantify the food grains in ancient times. The place has always been known as an agricultural center for the region.

The town of Chikkaballapur is approximately 56 km north of Bengaluru, the silicon plateau of India. Chikkaballapur has a high elevation located in the center of the Nandi Hills region. “Panchagiri” is a common descriptor of Chikkaballapur as it is surrounded by 5 picturesque hills . And in this hilly region vast amounts of grapes are grown, and shipped to various parts of the Country.

And from Chikkaballapur come these three young men, whose names are Muthu, Dayanand and Gangaraj, and travelling all the way from their hometown, they have selected a prominent place by the roadside of NH 66, between Nanthur Junction and Padua High School. With a BIG sign which says “Drakshe Butti “( Grapes Basket) and Price of Rs 150, these three men are attracting a large number of customers, especially the motorists going on the Highway. And the price of Rs 150 for a 3 1/2 (three-and-a-half) kgs red grape is kind of cheap, when compared to paying Rs 60-70 a kg in the market here. Many are buying these grape baskets to make wine and other products.

Yours Truly bought eight baskets and distributed them among my friends and relatives, and also spread the word- and the impact was great- I heard from these three men, they had customers coming and saying that they heard of these grape deals from a member of Team Mangalorean. The trio will be back tomorrow (Saturday) and will be selling their ‘Drakshe Butti’ at the same price of rs 150. Avail this great offer, and tell Muthu or Dayanand or Gangaraj, that you heard/saw it in

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  1. We bought 2 baskets this morning. Weight is not 3 to 3. 50 kg as they claim. Weighed at home and found one is 2.872kg other one 2.558 kg including the weight of the baskets.

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