Probe indicates K’taka Bajrang Dal activist was killed for pursuing Hindutva agenda

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Probe indicates K’taka Bajrang Dal activist was killed for pursuing Hindutva agenda

Bengaluru: Preliminary investigations into the brutal murder of Bajrang Dal activist, Harsha, have hinted that he was killed for pursuing the Hindutva agenda, police sources said on Wednesday.

The sources said the investigations have also shown that the incident was ‘celebrated’ by some on social media and also points to the involvement of an organisation in the murder.

Police sources confirmed that the investigators were gathering material to find possible links to the Social Democratic Party of India (SDPI), Popular Front of India (PFI). The government has given clear instructions to gather material against these organisations, to make a recommendation to the Government of India to impose a ban. The agencies are also probing the role of Campus Front of India (CFI), for conspiring to rake up the hijab issue by training the college students, police said.

Harsha, 28, was at the forefront of organising functions related to the Hindu religion, in matters related to cow slaughter, illegal transportation of cows. Harsha has been very active on social media and carried out pro-Hindutva messages which antagonised a lot of people, police said.

The police are probing the connection of the murder with hijab row. Sources said that they have already got clues on the organisation’s involvement in the planning and execution of the murder. The elements have also planned to put out a message through social media to instil fear among the Hindu activists.

Chief Minister Basavaraj Bommai and Home Minister Araga Jnanendra have already stated that the police are going to the roots of the crime. The police have arrested six persons in connection with the murder. However, ‘they say that there is more than what is apparent’. CM Bommai and Home Minister Araga Jnanendra have stated that investigators are looking into the connection of the murder with hijab row.

There was an outcry against Harsha in the ‘Mangaluru Muslim’ Facebook account in 2015. After the murder, the miscreants posted another provoking message which went viral.

Meanwhile, financial assistance is pouring in to support Harsha’s family from all over the state. Harsha was the only son and he is survived by two sisters and old parents. Though the family has made no appeal for financial assistance and asked Hindus and Muslims to live peacefully like brothers, to date Rs 16 lakh has been collected.

BJP MP and President of BJP National Yuva Morcha, Tejasvi Surya has demanded the government to consider it as an act of terror. He also urged a ban on the SDPI, PFI and CFI. After visiting the family of deceased Harsha, Tejaswi Surya said, “Ours is not a ‘haram’ government like Congress, FIR’s have been changed when Hindu activists were killed during the time of Congress rule in the state. Our government will see to it that the people behind this murder are hanged, this is the message we will give to the people of the state,” he said.

However, SDPI Karnataka State President Abdul Majeed squarely blamed the role of Sangh Parivar behind the murder of Harsha. Murders like this are not new in the state. Whenever there is a murder of Hindu leaders, it is blamed on Muslims and SDPI. “There is a hand of Sangh Parivar behind Harsha murder. There is a role of Sangh Parivar behind 36 murders. Harsha’s murder is a conspiracy. Ruling BJP and Sangh Parivar both have their role behind the act. To hide this, they blame it on SDPI and talk about banning it,” he said. “Harsha’s relative has said Hindu organisation had given Rs 10 lakh for the murder. This should be probed,” he added.

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