Prof (Dr) N Sridhar Shetty – Mangalorean Star

Prof (Dr) N Sridhar Shetty – Mangalorean Star

In our daily walk of life, we seldom come across people who have achieved great success, but haven’t been publicized much. They might have brought about changes amongst those people who might not have dreamt about a decent smile on their faces! Their foresight and selfless service might have worked wonders, but media might have conveniently ignored such great personalities and deviated to glamour and money. makes an attempt to highlight one such great personality who has never looked back in serving his Institution, making it grow, see thousands of youngsters mould their livelihood and carve their future, if not bring about Oral health awareness among the rural masses.

We at, as we celebrate our 7th Anniversary, feel proud to announce Professor (Dr) N Sridhar Shetty, an unassuming achiever, who has served an Institution as its Head for 21 long years and is still with that Institution, spreading smiles on the faces of poor rural masses, a philosopher, guide, selfless man, dedicated soldier to serve humanity as the ‘Mangalorean Star’ for the month of May 2010.

HOD Prosthodontics & Dean in office

Sridhar Shetty, son of late Chittoor Manjayya Shetty and Late Nailady Bhavani Shetty, was born on July 1941 at Kundapur.

He did his primary and high school education at Hindu Primary and Boarding School, Kundapur. After passing P.U.C. at St.Aloysius College, Mangalore, he joined the Govt. Dental College, Bangalore and obtained the B.D.S. degree in May 1965. Immediately after B.D.S. he joined the faculty position at the Govt. Dental College, Bangalore and served there as a Lecturer.

He is married to Padmanayana Sridhar, daughter of late Vakil Shamba Shetty and Late Kolnadu Pade Pushpavathy Shetty, who was graduated in economics at Karkala having two children. Their son Dr. Gourav Sridhar Shetty, M.S.(Surgery) DNB (Cardio-thoracic) is a Cardio Thoracic surgeon , Junior consultant at Narayana Hridayalaya, Bangalore. He is married to Dr. Juthika, M.S.( ENT) Lecturer, Ambedkar Medical College, Bangalore.

Their daughter Dr. (Mrs) Bhavana Rai who followed her father’s specialisation, did her M.D.S. degree in Prosthodontics & Implantology and is a Faculty member at A.B.Shetty Memorial Inst. Of Dental Sciences, Deralakatte, Mangalore. She is married to Prof. (Dr.) Anil Rai, Professor of Orthodontics, at present consultant Orthodontist at Kuwait.

On completion of the M.D.S. degree in Prosthetic dentistry at Bombay University in April 1973 he rejoined the Govt. Dental College, Bangalore as an Asst. Professor. Thereafter from 1978 December he worked at Nairobi University, Kenya as well as Khartoum University, Dental School, Sudan as Head of the department of Prosthodontics.

He was an active all rounder sports person, and has represented all men team at Bangalore medical college except tennis and table tennis as a student and staff. He represented the Bangalore University in Athletics, Shuttle Badminton and Volley Ball. He has participated in stage plays at college as well as at Bunts Sangha. He served in the sports organization as Chairman of the sports committee, Dental College, Bangalore, member of the Selection Committee for the Bangalore University, Shuttle Badminton Team, and Manager of the Bangalore University Table Tennis team.

On July 9th, 1985 he was appointed as the Principal and Professor of Prosthodontics at the A.B.Shetty Memorial Institute of Dental Sciences, Mangalore, Karnataka, India (The first professional institution of Nitte Education Trust). He has developed this Institution as a prime institution of the country and also as one of the leading post graduate and research Institution in the country. As Dean and Head of the Institution he earned a name as a disciplinarian, kind hearted with positive approach to make every student respected, humble professional. He is responsible in maintaining the highest academic standard. Under his vision, leadership and guidance the college could start Post graduate studies in 1989 itself in all dental specialties and also Ph.D. in Dental Sciences, recognized courses for FRCS and FDSRCS in the specialty of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery. His students are in the profession with reputation all over the country and abroad as responsible, respected and kind professionals with prosperity. A. B. Shetty Memorial institute of dental sciences, is being one of the most reputed prime institution of the country, students seek admission as a choice in this institution for UG and PG courses. The qualified faculties are eager to join the institution for experience.

With Awards & Memorabilia

Happy Family

With wife and grandkids

Fancy Dress

Receiving BC Roy Award for Excellence from President KR Narayanan

President, Indian Prosthodontic Society

Chief Justice Venkatachalaiah’s Visit

Former Chief Minister JH Patel at Dean’s Office

Receiving Award from Dr Manmohan Singh

With Prof Per-Ingvar Branemark at Goteborg University

With NV Hegde, Prof B M Hegde and Dr Murthy

Graduation Day in the presence of Justice Santhosh Hegde and NV Hegde

Rejoicing with the students

An intimate moment with students

With Dr D Veerendra Heggade at Rural Centre, Dharmasthala

Visit Okayama University Japan for MOU

Independence Day at ABSMIDS Campus

A day out at the beach with colleagues

Multi Disciplinary Workshop On Basic & Advanced Life Support

Health Awareness Campaign with Capt Ganesh Karnik

Sports Person

His Achievements:

• Awarded “Dr. B.C.Roy National Award” under the category of Socio Medical Relief presented by the Honorable President of India – Shri K R Narayanan.
• Awarded “Man of The Year 2002” – By one of the major and leading authorities on the Biographies of distinguished individuals worldwide, the American Biographical Institute, U.S.A. based on his outstanding accomplishments to date and the noble example he has set for his peers and entire community
• Awarded “Vishishta Chikits Medal” by the Association of College of Chest Physician in December, 1995.
• Awarded “The Best Citizen of India Award – 2000” by the International Publishing House.
• Awarded the “Barucha Award” – presented a paper in 46th Indian Dental Association Conference Fit and Insertion of 54 complete denture prosthesis in one day at Camp site – A Unique Community Programme.
• Awarded the “Best President Award – 1989-90” by Indian Dental Association, Karnataka State Branch.
• Awarded the “Best President Award – 1989-90” by Indian Dental Association.
• He has presented over 50 papers in the National and International Journals. The paper presented by him on the subject “Fit and Insertion of 54 Complete denture Prosthesis in one day at Camp site – “A UNIQUE COMMUNITY PROGRAMME” fetched him the “BARUCHA AWARD” during the 46th Indian Dental Conference, perhaps a unique achievement in the field.


• Field of Prosthetic Dentistry, Clinical, Non clinical project, recently on Occlusion, smile.
• He is the Charter member of F.A.D.I.(Academy of Dentistry International)
• Charter member of Pierre Fauchard Academy – F.P.F.A.
• Charter member of I.C.D. (International College of Dentistry)
• Charter member of International Academy of Gnathology.
• He has guided and published 81 research publications.
• He served as a member of the various University Academy bodies like Academic Council, Syndicate and Senate of Mangalore University. He is also the past President of Indian Academy of Dental Educationists for three years. He is also Chairman of the Board of Studies, Mangalore University. He has been appointed as the Chairman of Board of Studies in Dental Surgery of the newly established Rajiv Gandhi University of Health Sciences, Bangalore. He is also a member of the Syndicate of Rajiv Gandhi University. He is the founder secretary of Indian Society of Gnathology. He served as the Dean of Faculty of Medicine, Mangalore University.


In recognition of his popularity, the senate of the Mangalore University has elected him as the member of the Dental Council of India in the year 1988 and again he was re-elected with overwhelming majority as a Dental Council of India member representing Mangalore University for a further period of five years from 30.09.1993.

He is an active member of the Dental Council of India and was elected as Vice President of the Council for a short period and again re-elected unanimously for the second term from February 1994. He held the office of acting President of Dental Council of India from 16.10.1994 to 08.10.1995.

He was then elected as PRESIDENT OF THE DENTAL COUNCIL OF INDIA and held the office for 1995-1998.

During his tenure of President of Dental Council of India, the syllabus, curriculum for BDS and MDS courses (3 years) were revised and adapted by the Dental Council of India. The requirements for infrastructure, faculty, and the clinical requirements (patients) subject wise was formulated for the first time and adapted by the Dental Council of India. As a requirement of Dental Council of India awareness were created to all dental colleges to be developed as independent institution headed by the Principal with all DDO powers. All the teaching institutions through out the country were encouraged, guided, supervised with the positive outlook to develop the institutions of recognition with co-operation, and encouragement by the members of the dental council of India. The requisites of the teaching faculty and their teaching experiences are streamlined to give honor and recognitions to the faculty.

He was invited by the Okayama University, Japan for guest lecture on “Dental Education in India” during their 60th Anniversary in January 1996. Attended 10th Annual Conference at Sultanate of Oman, Muscat on 15th October, 1996 to deliver a guest lecture on “SMILE”, visited Moscow, Russia on 25th October, 1996 as a representative of the Dental Council of India and visited the World Health Organization at Geneva, Switzerland to study the Oral Health policies of rural people.

He has widely traveled all over the world, visited and interacted with many Dental Schools, professionals and research workers.

He has attended many National and International Conferences of the Profession as well as Trade of the Profession.

Speciality of Prosthodontics:

Prosthodontics is one of the major subjects in the studies of dentistry, related to Denture, Crown and Dental Implant. After obtaining post graduate qualification in Prosthodontics rejoined at Govt. Dental College Bangalore and promoted as Asst. professor of Prosthetic Dentistry. He was the second person to have this speciality qualification in the field of Prosthodontics in Karnataka. His knowledge, skill, research and clinical ability recognised him as one of the most respected disciplined teacher and teacher in the line. He is one of the most respected senior Prosthodontist actively participating in the Indian Prosthodontic society and he was the President of IPS for two years from 1990 to 1992. He is most sought after senior Prosthodontist for academic activities and guidance in the Indian Prosthodontic society.

After his 21 years of untiring a glorious tenure as the Dean of A.B.Shetty Memorial Institute of Dental Sciences, on his retirement he continued as a Director at the Institution and developing Center for Advanced Dento-facial Stomatognathic Sciences. He opted to continue in the institution because of his love for this institution and because of his long lasted friendship of Sri. N.V. Hegde, Chancellor of Nitte University and President, Nitte Education Trust.

Unlike most of the academicians, Dr. Shetty’s hobby is to understand people of different cultures and Nationalities, and to guide them in their personal and professional development. His passion is to spend lot of time children and young generation!

A brief interview with Professor (Dr) N Sridhar Shetty will reveal his inner self.

What inspired you to take up Dentistry as your profession?
It was matter of routine trying to join professional course after Pre University College. Dentistry was not by my choice but it is by opportunity.

Did you practice Dentistry after graduating in a clinic of your own/ as visiting Prosthodontist after Post-graduation?
I practiced in my own clinic at Hospital road, Shivaji Nagar Bangalore two years after completing my BDS in 1965. I had to stop the practice since the regulation was brought by the State Govt. restricting private practice for its employees. After my post graduation in 1972 I have practiced as consultant Prosthodontist till 1978 December, at Bangalore as a visiting Prosthodontist.

As the founder Dean, you have served just one Institution for 21 long years. This is a rare phenomenon in modern times. What made you stick to ABSMIDS while new Dental Colleges opened within a few years in Mangalore?
I was working as a senior faculty member at Khartoum University Sudan with fat emoluments and perks before I opted to join as Dean at the newly started dental college A.B.Shetty Memorial Institute of Dental Sciences, (June, 1985). I have opted to join this Institution as a challenge to make this institution is of International repute and to graduate students to make their carrier as a disciplined , diligent , humane, skillful professionals and as a workaholic I develop this institution with love and sincerity. It is not for personal gain. It was for a cause.

Your achievement as a motivating force to spread Dental awareness among the rural masses is stupendous! Did you develop that urge to serve the rural masses by yourself, or do you have any role model who inspired you?
While working in the Govt. Dental college, Bangalore as a faculty member for 15 years I had personally experienced how the hardships were faced by the poor patients coming for treatment from distant rural areas., but not been able to avail, access of afford the facilities due to several historical reasons. Many a time, the patients had to return without having the required attention or even the treatment. The despair amongst the poor rural patients had then left an indelible impression in my mind with a vow to alleviate their sufferings as early as possible. After I assumed the office of the Dean of A.B.Shetty Memorial Institute of Dental Sciences, in 1985, I was able to realize my dreams by conceptualizing and implementing my vision, “Institutionalized approach for total Health care for rural and semi urban population at the door step – free of cost”

How long do you think India has to wait before 100 percent Oral Hygiene is achieved? What are the main challenges that you faced in educating the rural masses?
India can definitely reach this goal for total health care provided all the teaching institutions of health sciences where qualified man power , instruments, infrastructure and advanced therapeutic facilities are available and is concentrated in big cities reach the rural population of the country to facilitate awareness, accessibility, availability and affordability.

What are the challenges that you have faced as the Head of a Dental Institution for 21 years?
Challenges were many to establish an institution of reputation. It was a matter of learning and achieving the best for 21 years long innings as a Dean and Head of institution for any colleges in the world. My ambition of making an institution of International repute a temple for learning was a pleasing and challenging. Challenges come to overcome it and it was all possible because of my love for students, and eagerness to provide discipline, moral and learning at highest level.

What is your message to the younger generation in particular and Mangaloreans in general?
Be honest and hard working. Follow your mind and do your work sincerely to satiate your conscience and not to please others. Visit our institution to avail the best of the oral and dental health care and treatment and to experience the modern atmosphere of dental education. wishes All the Best to Professor (Dr) N Sridhar Shetty in carrying out his good work.

Submitted By: Kudpi Rajanikanth Shenoy, Team Mangalorean



dr.yaseen shariff, India:
sir your question what is the first advise you will give after fpd in my final bds exam gdc bangalore 2000 will always motivate me,thanks


Dr vamsha shetty, UAE:
kudos to u sir. u were , are and always will be an inspiration. god bless

batch – aryans


Manjesh Nailady Shetty, Kuwait:
Congratulation! It’s really nice to know about all your achievements & success. May you have many more success in coming years. ………good article


Dr.Surinder Singh, India :
Dear Sir,
I remind you of our old association as a student of GDC Bangalore 1974-75.I was happy to see this photograph in the internet
that I presented to you in Nov 1974 at GDC
Kind Regards
Dr.Surinder Singh


Dr.Aniruddha Kanjarpane B, Singapore ., Singapore:
I am really proud to be his student at ABSMIDS. He is a wonderful person. I thank this website for publishing this article. I think his biggest achievement is the love he earned from all his students. He is a man of principled living and preaches what he follows. He built the college into an excellent academic arena.
Thank you Sir.


suman bagga,Delhi, India:
great article!
myself from the 99 batch ABSMIDS..congrats sir and am feeling proud that i was ur student
thanks to for such great article…


udaya kumar sr , India:
u hav done great job for nitte education trust.


Dr, Surendra Bekal Pattathan, USA:
As a student of BDS in Bangalore Dental college, I can really vouch for sincerety and helpfullness of Dr. Sridhar Shetty.

I was his student when he worked as a lecturer. He was always helping and very friendly with students compared to other faculty who seem to be stuck up.

We both were very passionate with sports since I represented college in many sports.

I wish him many more years of service helping people.


joe Gonsalves, USA:
I am extremely happy to read an account of Professor Sridhar Shetty – a man of name and fame. I had the privilege of meeting this stalwart nearly fifteen years ago when his brother bought an apartment in Falnir. I immediately realized that this is the person who has brought honour not only to his family but also to Our community.

I have known the dental profession from my days in Madras in the sixties and Professor Shetty was surprised to know about my contacts with this noble profession. I showed him some of the pictures taken with Dr. Miglani and others during my tenure in Madras. Professor Shetty was keen on having copies of the said photographs which I Made over to him.

We need people like Prof. Shetty to keep up and enhance great names established by Nitte Hegdes.

Kudos to you Dr. Shetty – MAY YOUR BREED INCREASE.

Joe Gonsalves


Naveen, Sharitha, Sapna, Seema and Gordon, Australia:
Congratulations!! It is a great article. Well done!!!!!


Paul, Global TV, India:
The ‘City – Rural Health Link’ Model proved by Dr.Sridhar Shetty needs to be taken as a model for India at large.

Needs more recognition and further moves…


Nailady Bheeshma, UAE:
Its nice to know u achieved these things staying loyal to your friend, students & Mangaloreans. keep up the good work.
The Rural devolpment is crucial for India’s growth.


SHENOY R, India:
Nice interview and I was happy to read the very honest answers to the questions.Dr Shetty is a well known professor. I had heard a lot about him in Bangalore itself.Thanks Mr Shenoy for the article on Prof Shetty.Tumbida koda tulukuvudilla.


We are proud to say that we are from karnataka in which place such personalities have born and brought up and achieved such great sucess with the intention to serve the poor and needy.

MOBILE: +966505652974


Dr Lalit BIda, India:
As an old student of Prof. Sridhar Shetty whenever any body ask me from where i hav been graduated from…..I am so proud to say ” from absmids under Prof. (Dr) N Sridhar Shetty.”

sir u r the best
n many many congratulations to you sir


Celine Sequeira, Mumbai, India:
Congratulations! and all the best for your future endeavours.


Dr. Kamalakanth Shenoy, Mangalore, India:
My association with Frof. Dr. Sridhar Shetty is from 1972 when I was a BDS student at Government Dental College, Bangalore. he was my teacher in Prosthodontics. His methodology in UG teaching was different and revolutionary from others and this made us very confident in practice after graduation. Again, i became his student of masters programme in A.B. Shetty Memorial Institure of Dental Sciences, Mangalore, call it luck! I worked under him as a lecturer first and later as MDS student.

He makes one to change the attitude and helps to gain confidence not only in academics and practice but also general walk of life.

He deserves a great honour during 25th year celebrations of A.B. Shetty Memorial Institute of Dental Sciences.
I am bringing out a book on him which will be released in September.
I request all his students to please note this and cooperate with me.
A great article by Mr. Rajanikanth Shenoy who in his inimitable style has highlighted Prof. Sridhar Shetty’s moments of life.


Thomas D’Mello, Kundapura, India:
CONGRATS TO Dr. Sridhar Shetty,

Proffessor, Dean, ABSM Institute of Dental Sciences.

His decipline in the college is unmatched. So also despite being in the city, he was instrumental to open dental clinics all over in rural areas which till today, are running very efficiently.

Can you belive one such clinic in a rural place in Kundapura have more than 30 patients a day!!

He is certainly not forgotten by his admirers.

I am one of them.

Thomas D’Mello


Prabhat Shetty, Kuwait:
There is a Board in Dr Sridhar Shetty\’s room, on the wall, perched right behind his chair. It reads, \”Prepare your students, not for another class, but, for a career\”. And this exactly sums up Dr Sridhar Shetty\’s dedication & aim in life. And he has been totally sucessful in his intentions. I am also one of the many thousands of Dental professionals scattered around the world today, who would proudly say, we owe Dr Shetty our careers. I also had the good fortune to work as a member of the Faculty with Dr Shetty for 12 years, and each day was a lesson for us teachers as well. Students always were his first priority, and it showed in the way each and every student blossomed under his guidance.

Thank you Sir, and Thank You for the wonderful article.

Prabhat Shetty


Dr.V.John Zachariah, Australia:
As an old student of Prof. Sridhar Shetty I am so proud to read this article in the Mangalorean. His dedication to the love of dentistry, the college and his students has transformed the lives of so many of us.

His teaching methods were revolutionary and we had the care we would receive from a parent when we were in the institution.

His untiring efforts, high moral values and eagerness to teach will never be forgotten.
I look back to my student days and am thankful I had a great mentor like him. A.B.Shetty Dental College rose its this heights only because of his vision.
Thankyou sir, may you continue to inspire more students. God bless you and your family.
Dr. John/Dr. Sarina


Ravi Shetty, Qatar:
Congratulations to Dr.Shridhar Shetty, great achievement and a Role model for us emulate.
Very good work by M.COM, Mr.Shenoy in particular in selecting this humble person as the Mangalorean star.


Sarvotham Shetty – Abu Dhabi, UAE:
Congratulations to my dear Sridharanna. Excellent article by Shenoy Mam. We Mangaloreans/Kannadiga’s are proud of you and your achievements. GOD bless you and family.


Valson Mendonsa, USA:
Congratulations to Dr. Shreedhar Shetty for your achievements and good work. Being Mangaloreans, we are proud of you.


Dr Sanjay Nayak ( Dental Surgeon Urwa) , India:
Thank you Mangalorean.Com for bringing out this article on My Idol, philosopher ,mentor and guide . Prof Dr Sridhar Shetty . I as a student have a first hand experience with this great individual … he was a strict disciplinarian and also that Father figure which we needed at times . very popular to the extent that we cannot imagine A B Shetty Dental College even could exist without Dr Shetty’s endeavours .
Thank You Sir for giving a direction to my life as a dental surgeon
sanjay nayak


Balnath Bhandary, USA:
Thank you for giving the world a portrayal of this great man.

I watched him single handedly build an institution from the ground up to were it stands today. He worked tirelessly and with great determination to bring fame and glory to the school he started.

He was a teacher and a guardian to all the students. He inspired many and was a guiding light to all students. He dealt with student problems head on with a firm hand which led to many parents feel safe and secure in the institution.

May he live long and continue to inspire more. Best wishes to Dr N.Sridhar Shetty


Prof. Shankar Bhat, India:
Congratulations to Dr.Shreedhar Shetty.


Austin Prabhu, USA:
Congratulations to Professor (Dr.) Sridhar Shetty on being named as the Mangalorean Star for the month of May, 2010. You will be a real inspiration to our younger generations. Hope youngsters will follow your footsteps to make this world a better place to live for tomorrow. Wish you all the best professor in your future endeavors.


Waseem, Qatar:

Keep it up.