Progressive Inclusivity, Accessibility is the Mantra at Mangaluru Intl Airport  

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Progressive Inclusivity, Accessibility is the Mantra at Mangaluru International Airport – International Day of Persons with Disabilities (IDPD) – December 3

Mangaluru: Airports as a public space create an equally accessible space for all concerned. Meeting this need head-on is Mangaluru International Airport (MIA). Recognizing the specific travel needs of passengers with reduced mobility (PRM), MIA has created a secure and seamless travel environment for them and others. This is also in line with a directive given by the ministry of civil aviation (MoCA) to the airports.

With progressive inclusivity and accessibility in mind, MIA aims to continue maintaining and enhancing its commitment to accessibility and comprehending prevailing issues faced by passengers with a disability. Given that passengers with disability face various barriers including infrastructure, MIA continues to support differently-abled passengers with the infrastructure that is built to provide accessibility to all.

From the time PRM passengers enter the terminal, provisions have been made for their convenience. Ramps have been provided at the departure area for PRM to enter the terminal easily. Airline’s stack wheelchairs close to the drop point in the departure area and their ticket counters too are located abutting this stacking area for easy accessibility. Tactile help passengers navigate their way easily to the airline check-in counters.

Inside the terminal, passengers will come across amenities that are compliant with the needs & convenience of a PRM. Wheelchair assistance for differently-abled passengers is available inside the terminal near check-in counters. MIA infrastructure also includes PRM-compliant elevators, seats and washrooms which are available at vantage points in the terminal to make their journey, not just accessible but comfortable and seamless.

PRMs get priority in screening in the immigration, customs, and security hold area (SHA) for international travellers and in the domestic SHA. The airport has also arranged for a dedicated parking slot for PRM close to the arrival area on the lower ground floor and demarcated it on ground signage. Airport staff is always on hand to assist PRMs with any of their needs and liaisons with the stakeholders to assist them.

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