PULL & Get PUSHED! New Concept to Automobile Sector by 62-year-old John D’Souza

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PULL & Get PUSHED! New Concept to Automobile Sector by 62-year-old John D’Souza

Mangaluru: No Bull or Fuel! In the year 2017, John D’Souza (then 57 years old) created an Eco-Friendly ‘Modern Bullock Cart’, and his innovation was purely based on common knowledge and school-level physics. The Cart didn’t need Fuel, Electric Power, etc- but ran on its own- John called it a “Revolutionary Concept- Evolution (Cost Factor/Centre) to Revolution (Revenue Sector)?”. The cycle/cart developed at Rs 10,000 approx., could be used in campuses, museums etc. John was looking forward to building a team of members who can help him take this unique concept to a higher level. Team Mangalorean had done an exclusive article on his invention ( Click on the link at the end of this article)

Presently, 62-year-old John D’Souza is not a Scientist, nor a Mechanical Engineer nor a Pro-Researcher- but was just an Accountant by profession, and now living a simple life with his family here in Bejai-Mangalore after retirement, working as an accountant in various firms in Kuwait (1981-86); in Saudi Arabia (1989-2004); in Dubai (2009-2010); in Doha-Qatar (2011-Feb 16). Married to Lily D’Souza, aged 51, a home-maker, he is a proud father of a son named Joel (27) doing his ACA in the United Kingdom; and a 19-year-old daughter, Carol, who is pursuing her B Com studies in a local college.

No Bull or Fuel! In the year 2017, John created the Eco-Friendly ‘Modern Bullock Cart’

Narrating his NEW Concept for Automobile Sector which he launched in November 2022, John D’Souza said, “My idea is a New concept for the Automobile sector. Instead of carrying and moving the dead weight on wheels, the proposed concept is to pull and get pushed. The idea is to save 80 – 90% of fuel/energy consumption and in the meantime, to generate abundant free and clean energy.

While the auto industry is at a major energy phase change it is very essential to have some serious questions about the concept in use.

1) Is it possible to use the gravity force as an alternative energy?
2) What are the weaknesses of the existing (historic) concept of road transportation?
3) How can the implementation of concept change overcome them?
4) What is the scope of implementation of a concept change?
5) What will be the merits of concept change?
6) What is the Opportunity Smart City Mangalore can enjoy?
7) While the Mobile Technology Revolution, Why Not the Automobile Industry Too?

(Transportation & Communication are the co-prime sectors of the economy)

The Close Encounters of the JOHN Kind! Fr John D’Souza (Director- St Aloysius ITI) congratulates John D’Souza (L) on his Invention

I have brief answers to the above questions:

1) Is it possible to use the gravity Force of Earth as alternative energy?

The Gravity Force of Earth is a wonderful & priceless natural gift. It can be a major source of alternate energy being a powerful natural force, clean & 24/7, instant, no storage & maintenance is required. Falling apple/waterfalls concept if used in vehicles, huge dead weight on wheels not only can be used as a powerful pushing force (instead of carrying and moving) but also a considerable volume of free and clean energy can be generated. In the case of waterfalls, water flows from distant places and falls collectively in one particular spot by force and generates electricity. Like waterfalls, the dead weight on wheels too is arranged to fall at 90 degrees but by prolonging its fall and by making the wheels move freely with the load till it falls (which never happens). Therefore dynamo type of energy in bicycles can also be stored by restricting the fall. If approved and implemented, gravity force can be the best (natural, safe and free) source of alternative energy.

2) What are the weaknesses of the existing concept of road transportation?

1) Every vehicle is starting from a standstill position (along with heavy engine & hardware parts).

2) Every vehicle is positioned to move on a 180-degree level only, though it has to move at different angles as per the level of roads

3) Primitive concept of carry and move concept is in practice throughout the trip/journey

4) The Whole length of vehicles with a load of dead weight, moves upward causing the consumption of a lot of energy

5) Fossil fuel is the most expensive and in the meantime destructive with air pollution and sound pollution

6) Though a major energy change has been taking place in the auto industry, the concept will remain the same (old & primitive 100% Tortoise Style)

7) It is expected to have a huge dump of hardware scrap on the ground due to the phase change of energy from fuel to electric by discarded existing vehicles

8) Concept adopted is democratic (all equal), while divide & rule (two parts different sized) is the best option

9) If pulled, it will fall down and if pushed, it will roll on, then why do we carry and move like infants by taking maximum hassle paying so much and suffering health-hazardous pollutants?

10) While one-fourth of vehicles can manage the other three-fourths, why make it one whole lengthy unit & suffer hard?

3) How can the implementation of concept change overcome the problems?

1) Auto start & move

2) Pull & get pushed, instead of carry and move

3) Saves huge energy consumption and generates a considerable volume of free power

4) Drastic reduction in air pollution and sound pollution being environment friendly

5) Cheaper vehicles due to less hardware and light weight of units

6) Low running, operating and maintenance costs

7) Luggage moving facility at railway platforms, ports, bus stands & airports

8) Cheap and better transportation facilities for commuters and goods

9) Flexibility of using vehicles in public parks and entertainment venues

10) The Road Transportation sector can run at a much cheaper rate with minimum energy consumption and low manufacturing, running and maintenance costs

11) It can be a revenue-generating sector, instead of continuing to suffer heavy costs.

4) What is the scope for the implementation of concept change?

1) India has more than 600,000 villages

2) 70% of the population in villages depends on agriculture

3) Majority of the Indian population is below 35 years of age which represents a strong workforce.

4) Enormous campuses, grounds & Parks need good transportation to move within the boundaries

5) Last-mile connectivity can be made easy & convenient to facilitate the most needed movement

6) Primarily it will avoid a huge quantity of hardware, spare parts, heavy engines and outdated vehicles

7) Divide & rule is the best option like in politics

8) Combination of electric power and gravity force along with a new concept can bring a rapid revolution in the automobile sector. Choose a tiny vehicle as an engine and make a heavy vehicle by attaching a big cart to move cost-free.

5) What will be the merits of changing concepts?

1) Pulling and get pushed concept can save more than 80% of energy consumption

2) Drastic reduction in import cost of crude oil & energy consumption

3) Various public welfare and national development programs can be undertaken by using saved funds

4) Vehicles never face tilting risk as two-part support each other being unique couples

5) Severe environmental problems like air pollution and sound pollution can be eliminated or avoided

6) Hunger & poverty can be avoided or reduced by availing sufficient food supply

7) New employment opportunities can be generated by investing saved funds in development activities

8) Lighter vehicles with reduced hardware and minimum spare parts needed.

9) Emphasis on heavy vehicles to reduce massive production of two-wheelers and tiny vehicles

6) What is the Opportunity Smart City Mangaluru can enjoy?

As Mangalore is in the process of becoming a smart city, with an intelligent population & valuable resources, the need of today is to have a large manufacturing industry in our growing city, to employ and activate many numbers of our able youngsters. The opportunity is to have a smart startup of global importance, with the implementation of a unique concept of incredible advantages and amazing benefits. Mangalore can be a great centre to have a rapid revolution in the road transportation sector with a new concept Requirement. It is very important to own/rent an appropriate space to store, maintain, alter, prepare, test & demonstrate the various models with different efficiency & capacities. A strong, dynamic and efficient Team with an able Team Leader, Inspiring & Motivating Directors, Confident Investors, Professional Service Assistance, Proprietary & Manufacturing Rights Security, Experienced Technicians and Loyal Employees can build a stable company of global importance

7) While the Mobile Revolution, Why Not Automobiles Too?

Landline has become mobile, being cordless, wireless & remote. Its revolution has offered countless benefits by placing itself high in the sky position. Communication has saved abundant costs and time for transportation. It has employed many personnel with attractive career opportunities. In the meantime, the road transportation sector is suffering from a lengthy evolution by suffering Heavy Costs & Unhealthy Pollution.

If we decide and implement a concept change we can anticipate a rapid revolution in the road transportation sector by making it a revenue-generating one instead of suffering it as a huge cost sector of the economy. Hence Huge Burden of Dead Weight on Wheels can be used as a Blessed Boon Let’s celebrate the 75th Year of Our National Independence with Change & Implement Plan to have incredible solutions & amazing benefits. I have been working on this idea for several years and have prepared some models ready. Thank you for the opportunity to interact with you today to brief my unique idea.

Importance of the idea:

It is a very serious eye-opener, though not a great innovation or invention. The Automobile Industry is a very prominent sector as well as a major cost centre of the economy. The fact is (by ignorantly/arrogantly) it has been suffering miserably by carrying and moving the bullock cart on wheels since its inception, a couple of years ago (where the bull is the engine & cart is the dead weight of commuters & goods) unlike railways where single strong engine pulls and moves a number of huge and heavy bogies for thousands of miles.

Implementation of my idea can save a huge volume of fuel/energy consumption and also the option will be to generate free and clean energy as much volume as required merely by adjusting the vehicle setup or structure.

Automakers, customers and consumers might be greatly attracted by the incredible benefits and amazing solutions due to the unique concept.

I have made a few test models and tested to prove that the huge dead weight of commuters and goods on wheels can be moved with minimum energy. Especially by attaching a trolley/cart to a bicycle, tricycle, two-wheeler & four-wheeler. This combined test model can move 8 Or more people comfortably up & down roads. In fact, I have been involved in the R&D of this unique concept for the last several years by putting in a lot of effort, investment and time by myself.

Test models basically include:

1) A bicycle split into two parts and joined together to move up and down roads easily, without gears

2) Simple models to regulate, control and direct with small parts to move attached big parts with increased or more weights.

Being this is a revolutionary concept in the auto industry, it will have very good attraction and acute demand by all categories/groups inclusive of manufacturers, distributors, financiers, employers, job seekers, customers and consumers.

As this is going to be a patented (IP-based) concept being unique, the opportunity is to attract various categories & levels of people involved in the automobile industry including manufacturers, service providers and consumers. The aim is to save about 80 – 90% of fuel/energy consumption along with the complete elimination of air pollution and sound pollution from vehicles. Being it is a monopolistic concept presently there are no competitors. This is going to bring a revolutionary change in the automobile industry by making it more flexible, safer, comfortable and profitable.

The transport units manufactured will be very simple, cheaper, lighter, safer, flexible and comfortable as per transport service demand. The aim is to replace heavy engines with very lighter engines or mere tiny motors with minimum energy requirements.

The burden of the dead weight of commuters and goods on wheels can be used to generate a considerable volume of energy by using it as a powerful pushing force.

It also aims to use expired, old, outdated vehicles productively, instead of discarding them by considering them as mere scrap and additional dumps on Mother Earth.

Implementation of this unique idea will change the status of the auto sector from a heavy cost centre to a profitable revenue-generating sector. This sector will also generate huge revenue for the national exchequer similar to the revolutionized information technology sector. It will drastically reduce oil imports and save the country from FEX pressure which will enable it to have a steady FX reserve and enable the nation to prosper in a great way.

1) India’s competitiveness:

The implementation of the new concept will make a revolutionary change in the auto industry. Due to its unbelievable benefits and incredible solutions, it will impact not only the regional & national road transportation sector but it will also influence the global auto industry and market to a great extent.

2) Society:

Due to smooth, comfortable and affordable transport facilities for the general public, the standard of living of people will improve incredibly. All types of essential goods will become cheaper due to reduced transport costs.

3) Employment:

Concept change is the opportunity to generate jobs in a bigger volume as the rural population will be supplied with many vehicle units of cheaper cost and low energy consumption. Youth of rural areas can be satisfactorily occupied with many encouraging facilities which may inspire them to remain in villages. Hence urban areas are comforted with a thin flow of employment seekers from rural areas.

4) Environment:

New concept vehicles will be pollution free and their production will be harmless to the environment being manufactured with minimum material and spare parts. Vehicles manufactured will be very simple, cheaper and less complicated with very minimum raw materials and spare parts.

The Auto Sector will enjoy the sea of change which will relieve it from the burden of the most expensive carry and move concept to pull and get pushed. It will save about 90% of fuel consumption and in the meantime, it will facilitate the generation of an adequate volume of free and clean energy by using the free, instant, abundant and 24/7 gravity force.

If telecommunication can be mobile from landlines, why not automobiles too can follow the auto move being pushed by a heavy weight on wheels with the help of abundant gravity force? Participation in competition introduces the idea, winning rewards hard work and effort and implementation of the idea impacts the Society, Economy and Environment of the Nation, positively.

Unique concept Idea is a tiny seed, if sawn in right place and at the right time, it can grow into a huge tree (Enterprise)

If the below questions are considered seriously, we can anticipate a revolutionary change in the road transportation sector.

1. Though millions of bicycles have been manufactured every year, why are they for single riders only?

2. Why has the auto sector been carrying and moving the bullock cart on wheels since the introduction of vehicle engines and fossil fuels?

3. While unequal couples Comfortably build & run the world family, why do the vehicles run & suffer on roads being only singles?

4. Being technological advancement has reduced hardware usage in most products, why is the auto industry using it (hardware) excessively?

5. Can a person carry and move the weight of a loaded cart?

6. If the weight of boogies is put in a truck, how strong does its engine have to be?

7. Can the animals carry weight which they merely pull & move?

8. Does it require any energy to roll down a big stone from a hill?

9. Why is society, economy & environment suffering because of the expensive automobile industry?

10 Being divided & rule is the best administrative concept/practice, why can’t it be implemented in vehicles to have excellent benefits?

11. Carry & Move requires 100% effort and pull, get pushed concept needs only 10% effort. WHAT IS OUR CHOICE?

12 Are we ready to implement a concept to reduce cost, and pollution and enjoy priceless benefits with an auto move?

Interested persons can reach John D’Souza by Email: implementidea50@yahoo.in


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