Pumpwell Bale, Avasthe Thule? Floods & Accidents Always Near Flyover- City Soaked Elsewhere!

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Pumpwell Bale, Avasthe Thule? Floods & Accidents Always Near Kankanady Pumpwell Flyover- City Soaked Elsewhere!

Mangaluru: Male, Male, Bari Male! Yenchina Barsa Marayare? Konso Pavsu Re Wo? We saw it last year during the monsoon season, and we are seeing it again now- and the sad part is that recurring artificial flooding in the city mocks the administration’s claims of having learnt lessons from past incidents. The service road towards Nanthoor Junction from Pumpwell Junction and from Pumpwell towards Yekkurside was flooded this morning due to lack of drainage at the flyover construction site following heavy rain which lashed the city during the early morning hours. And this has been the problem every time during monsoons, and nothing has been done so far, other than promises by MLA Vedavyas Kamath, Mayor Premanand Shetty, MP Nalin Kumar Kateel, who make a visit to all these flooded areas, assure of immediate actions- but their promises seem like total FAKE?

The pounding rains during the last few days, only exposed chinks in the works taken up by the Mangaluru City Corporation and NHAI — incomplete drainage works, silt-filled drainage, incomplete road works — and many more. Consequently, many arterial, as well as interior roads in the city were inundated with artificial floodwaters, thereby affecting the routine of citizens. Recurrence of artificial floods on a bunch of newly constructed roads in the City, even though new drainage was built only showed that the MCC and Mangaluru Smart City Limited (MSCL) has done nothing for the smooth drainage of rainwater.

Due to the heavy downpour, waterlogging was seen in several places, including service roads and the main road near Pumpwell Flyover. Apart from this area, many other roads in the City were submerged with rainwater, causing inconvenience to motorists and pedestrians. Motorists were seen wading through the flooded road underneath the Pumpwell Flyover, and many had a tough time getting through.

Areas around State Bank Fish Market were not free from flash floods either, again due to the incomplete drainage works. The newly laid concrete road in front of Jeppu Seminary in Valencia too witnessed waterlogging thereby causing traffic gridlocks. As if the corporation’s contributions were not enough, the National Highways Authority of India too contributed its bit during the heavy rain. Loose soil and jelly stones near Pumpwell washed away and flooded basements of nearby apartment complexes.


A car overshot from the Kankanady Pumpwell flyover and fell on the service road which runs adjacent to the flyover. This incident adds to quite a few accidents that have taken place ever since this flyover was open for motorists. Done in a hurry-burry after the construction of this flyover took nearly ten years, the completion of the work was totally unscientific and not well planned- and so we are seeing all these accidents and rainwater floods?

Regarding the car accident last evening, eyewitnesses said that the doctor of a private hospital behind the wheel of the car was travelling from Thokkuttu to Mangaluru. A vehicle speeding from the opposite direction ran over a puddle of water splashing water on the doctor’s vehicle on the flyover. The doctor, blinded by the splashed water, lost control and the car fell onto the service road. The public rushed to the doctor’s aid and pushed the vehicle to a safe place. There were no injuries and only minor damage to the car.

The administration, having learnt lessons from the deluge last year, has not been able to address flooding problems across the city as and when they occurred. Having not cleared silt in major storm-water drains around many parts of the City saw drains overflowing creating floods. Looking at the flooding situation in the City is a clear example of how the development and infrastructure had been undertaken by MSCL and MCC, and also PWD. Crores of Rupees spent on restructure of drainage, seems like the hard-earned money of taxpayers has gone down the “Drain”, when we look at the water overflowing from these newly constructed drainages, thereby flooding the City, and making the life of motorists and commuters miserable.

The unscientific and bad planning of the Drainage work undertaken by the Engineers and Contractors of the MCC/MSCL/PWD-which led to the City float? No doubt, “Smart City” turned out to be a “Floating City”? So the question every citizen asks is “What good is it to have these new drainage systems, when the water is still overflowing onto the streets, and flooding it.” The first thing our MCC/MSCL officials will do is put the blame on National Highway Authority of India (NHAI) officials for negligence in their work which resulted in water flooding the city near Kankanady Pumpwell, Kotttara Chowki, etc, but never give a proper answer for all the flooding that takes place in other main parts of the City-because they all know that the flooding was due to the shabby and incomplete work of the so-called “Engineers”, and also the contractors.

Now as the weatherman had predicted and also predicts that Mangaluru city and adjoining areas in Dakshina Kannada will continue to receive heavy rain in the forthcoming days, has anyone from MCC or MSCL taken any action to rectify the areas where water is gushing out from the drainage, and also bad road planning. Just look at the new roads constructed recently-none of them have a proper footpath nor proper drainage. So where do you think the rainwater has to flow if there is no drainage- unfortunately, on to the road. MCC needs to coordinate and sort out the reasons for the bad work and its impact during work. The torrential rains that lashed out in the city recently damaged many homes causing huge losses. This loss could have been prevented ONLY if the drainage were done accurately and systematically.


But does anyone in MCC care for the losses, after all, it is taxpayers money that was used and wasted away. Prior to the rain, MCC should have cleaned all the drainage, removed the wastage, so that water could flow smoothly. But it looks like that was not done. When the new roads are done neither the NHAI nor PWD officials provide any alternatives/local amenities like proper footpaths/drainage, Pedestrian crossings, over-bridges, Safety Signs etc. because they think that’s not their job, nor do they care about peoples’ safety.

Engineers, contractors and all those who were responsible for the shabby development work should be taken for task. But that’s not happening, because everyone is hand in hand, with ONLY one thing in mind, such as how to make money- or call it “CORRUPT?”. Blame games should be stopped also. Citizens should regret electing leaders like these, who don’t care. MLA’s/Leaders boast about development, but what development are they talking about? Our Engineers are only good at constructing “Mega Circles” and “Widened/Broad Footpaths”(the new concept of MSCL?) -you know what I mean? That’s not development- and that’s not Smart either, Mangaluru being named as “Smart City”.

Another question we can ask is -What’s the use of implementing such new projects which result in more problems? And if problems are more than doing any good, the so-called developments/infrastructures are nothing but a national waste, a waste of time and energy! While undertaking new projects it should be done properly, and not anticipate problems. It is not just a waste of Taxpayers money, instead “Pay taxes and invite troubles” kind of thing! And the funny part is that every monsoon season due to heavy rains, it’s the same spots that get flooded.

Another problem is that due to building construction works everywhere in the City, there is no proper path for water to flow- and MCC has done nothing to take action against such builders, because here too money plays the game- or call it “Corruption?” So when builders bribe officials, citizens’ safety issues are neglected. If most of the available land is taken away by builders to build buildings, then roads are the only spaces where water gets stranded and flooded. Also just look at the new drainage in the City- many have a starting point but no proper end, some drainages have openings in the middle, where water flows onto the streets. Not Smart!

So in conclusion, even as many parts of the city reeled under heavy floods due to torrential downpour on account of depression over the Arabian Sea, and people are still fighting to come to terms with the loss of property, people and other things due to flood-like situation, chances are that shortly they have to face another critical situation, because monsoon has just started, and still there are few more months of bad rainy weather the City may get lashed with. But have the concerned authorities rectified the faulty development issues or have they taken any preventive measures in seeing that the City won’t experience the same havoc of flooding it saw on 29 May 2018, and we are seeing it again in 2021? Let it not happen again, until then let’s keep our fingers crossed. After all, we live in “SMART CITY” with “NO SMART PEOPLE” to take care of it?

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  1. With so much water , why cant people make water harvesters for use during summer months and water scarcity .

  2. There is no BOSS for MCC and its “employees”. The DC will not come out of his office nor give any directions to MCC. Who cares for social media? Their dwellings are safe and comfortable, their vehicles have drivers and so they don’t know the pain of the common man.

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