Pune: Mangalorean Woman Strives to Serve the Poor

In the modern times when youngsters follow rule to run a rat race aspiring to make a fortune, there are a few who dedicate themselves, following the woes of downtrodden people in the society.

Slumdog Millionaire was a movie to highlight a talent from the worst living conditions getting an opportunity to win a Million by answering a few questions in a TV show.

Such dream sequences can happen only in movies or on TV!

Not many get a chance to reach such position in real life, unless the Society moves ahead and identify the talents, train them and groom them up, promote them globally and make them feel confident that they also can do something to rise and shine in life.

Mangalorean.com recognized a rare female, an aspirant girl grown up in a middle class GSB family who is a Postgraduate with Biochemistry from Manipal University. She might have opted to become a lecturer within any University or pursue her higher studies, earning fame and fortune without a wink, within the lap of luxury.

She didn?t do that! She was moved by the broad ?High Definition? image of the urban poor living below poverty line, slogging for their living, living in the slum and being abused by the society. At the same time she also had in mind that she had a responsibility to earn a decent life to maintain herself and her family, while educating those downtrodden ones who needed equal attention!






















She is from Mangalore, she was born in Mangalore, had her Graduation in Mangalore, Postgraduation in Manipal but opted to live in Pune to support a movement called  ?Teach to Lead? promoted by a Company “Thermax?

We feel proud to introduce Bhavya Prabhu, a young woman who is serving the lowest of the low people in Pune working as a teacher in a Government aided school to improve kids who have no idea where they are heading for, or what they can do in life apart from collecting trash, living in slums!

Bhavya had her primary schooling and College education in Mangalore. She opted for Biochemistry as her post graduate subject and she passed though with good marks. Internet browsing and reading stories in print media incited a thought in her to take up public service and serve the downtrodden, when she came across ?Teach for India” fellowship, following the website 

She never looked back after that, and she decided to join the movement. Teaching kids was her passion from her younger days, but she found a better meaning in life to channelize her human resource by attending to the needy and poor.

Now Bhavya is placed with a Pune Municipal Corporation (PMC) School, which has been adopted by “Thermax?, a Company promoting the Akanksha Foundation, teaching in English medium.

The kids who come to this school are from one of the most violent and filthy communities of Pune. She spoke to mangalorean.com and said ?Our goal is to provide holistic, conceptualized education to these kids, because we believe that only this kind of education can provide a chance for them to have a better living at least in their future.

The Challenge for me is to bring a personality change in these kids and also to make them proficient enough with basic English and math skills which they need to use in their daily lives..
We do not encourage rote learning  in our school…every objective is dealt using problem solving approach in order to make kids more aware of the concepts and to strengthen their knowledge base.

The kids in our school get free education, the quality of which is at par with any premium school for the affluent kids.?

“So, raising funds actually helps us to provide the best resources for our kids overall learning.”

If a young woman with such compassion can make much difference in the lives of those children deprived of basic needs and education, we can do much better in supporting such cause and make this world a better place by doing our part!

Bhavya is not an ordinary woman. She does her job well, grooms up the kids patiently with her own way of teaching, fortified by the modern methods of teaching followed by the school, guided by the Company that started the movement.

However, to attend to large population with thousands and thousands of street urchin needing proper education, she feels that an appeal for charity should be justified.

Bhavya Prabhu appeals to all compassionate donors to donate heartily for the cause.

All donations may be directed to Bhavya?s Class link:

Or can be directly remitted to the Teach for India account.
Once they transfer the amount it is very important that Bhavya gets the account details of the person, so that she can furnish the finance dept with the details and also get it confirmed to the party sending donations.

Cheques may be drawn in favor of ?Teach to Lead?.

Details for remitting to Direct Account:

Name of the Account: TEACH TO LEAD
IFSC Code: HDFC0000357
Account No. : 03571450000143
Bank Name: HDFC Bank Ltd.
Branch Address: Shapoorji Pallonji Building,
 Dr. Shirodkar Marg, Near KEM Hospital.
 Opp.BATA showroom, Mumbai ? 400012

All Donations will be exempt from Income Tax as per IT rules prevailing in India.

Author: Rajanikanth Shenoy- Kudpi