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Puttur: On Way to Mysuru, Minister Khader Dines Like a Commoner in Roadside Restaurant!

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Puttur: State minister of health and family welfare U T Khader proved himself to be a man of the masses by sharing a simple rice gruel lunch with his companions in a roadside restaurant here while on his way to Mysuru on Friday.


Perhaps any of his cabinet colleagues or other elected representatives would have sat in a nearby inspection bungalow and ordered the officials to provide him with a sumptuous fare. They, besides toadies wanting to curry favour with him, would have happily obliged him.

He was travelling in a car with three or four other companions. As he passed through the town, itt was Friday namaaz time and hence he stopped over at a mosque on the outskirts.

It was lunch-time thereafter and instead of getting into any high-end eatery in town, he chose a roadside restaurant located close to the mosque.

Others joined him in eating a simple meal made of rice gruel. Those around deeply appreciated his simplicity and accessible nature.

Khader style!

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  1. What a good and generous act on the part of Sri Khader to dine at a roadside restaurant. His act like a commoner – I am sure will be appreciated by all people. In other words it clearly indicated that Sri Khader has not ceased to be a common man after being elevated to the position of a minister.

  2. ha.ha.. what is the big deal if minister eat a simple food or high end food ! end of the day he is human ! when hungry happens dosent matter whether high end or road side end , people need food , this is wot he shown when he feel hungry ! so he should think being a minister and servent of public to provide at least a food to all sort of people across our state and see that every one eats lunch and dinner with out any difficulties .

    udupi MLA – should note kadars work / behaviour rather than looking luxury car passion as a public servent and make marketing for him self … lokayutha should investigate his fish meal factory / his current private buisines whether he pays income tax to the government as per his production / sales figure and also seriousely investigate his wealth as per his MLA status ! how can one can create a diffrent life style with in 5-7 yeras time ? there is something wrong

  3. Don’t get me wrong – I like Mr.Khader as he is very passionate about his job. In fact, I wish we had more leaders like him who show high level of energy and involvement. However, there is nothing great about this incident. If it shows anything, it reflects how sadly our society and media have lowered the standards on elected representatives!! This reminds me of those symbolic acts done by politicians like Prince Raul and Kummy (JDS) who visit poor families and share a meal while photos are being clicked with a single purpose of publicity.

    • Dear RSS Paimaam, you said you are reminded of “Prince Rahul”! Are you reminded of another fellow?

      When somebody goes to New York, Peking, Malborne, Thailand, Vietnam, Paris, London, etc with a commode on one hand and a sweeper in the other, and asks “investors to make investments in India, which is the right place to make investments in the present global scenario”, has such a man the discretion to know how to enthuse the investors to chose India as their destination?

      He does not have the basic common sense to know the difference between seeking votes in India by misleading the voters and seeking investments by the global corporates on foreign shores!

      we are really the most unfortunate!

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