Rachna Nayak Driving Car Reg No KA03NB4648 Throwing Waste Bag into Nethravati River Goes Viral

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Rachna Nayak Driving Car Reg No KA03NB4648 Throwing Waste Bag into Nethravati River Goes Viral

  • High-End Car, Low-End Buddhi (Habit)? Rachna Nayak Driving Car Reg No KA03NB4648 Throwing Waste Bag into the River from Nethravati Bridge Goes Viral on Social media. Based on the registration of the Hyundai Verna model Car KA 03 NB 4648, as per police source, the First owner of the car is Rachna P Nayak, and the car was registered at Bengaluru East RTO in Indiranagar, Bengaluru on 26 October 2017. The car might have been purchased in Bengaluru. Hope the concerned authorities will take stringent action on this act of ignorance!

Mangaluru: On the outset, before going further into this report I would like to thank and compliment for a job well done by the person who recorded this incident and has now gone viral on social media, which should bring shame to the elderly woman who is seen in the video throwing a large white bag of waste into the river from the Nethravati Bridge. Even though our beloved MLA Vedavyasa Kamath had spent taxpayers BIG bucks in putting up the fence all around the Nethravati Bridge in order to prevent people committing suicide from jumping off the bridge, but sadly, the fencing has not STOPPED people from throwing garbage into the river- and here is this example.

This morning, as per the video, two women are seen outside a parked Hyundai Flame-orange colour car bearing registration number KA 03 NB 4648 on the Nethravati Bridge- while a younger lady is seen wiping the car rear windshield, another older lady (could be the younger lady’s mother or mother-in-law or grandmother) cooly tosses a large white bag of waste into the river from the bridge. Wow- is this what our educated people are up to in keeping our environment clean when the entire nation under the direction of PM Modi is campaigning on Swachh Bharath, by dumping garbage wherever they feel like. This is very sickening to note, even after too many campaigns, awareness marches etc. that people still abuse -the SWACHATHA!

The government should quickly come up with a decision that will act as a deterrent to those throwing garbage into the water bodies. Many people want our rivers to be rejuvenated and civil society has been actively working towards the rejuvenation of many water bodies. We have been witnessing ecological destruction in the form of pollution of water bodies. Ubiquitous sightings of plastic bottles and wrappers floating on water bodies have not only spoiled the beauty of these water bodies but have also affected those who rely on them for their livelihood. It’s harmful to aquatic animals as well human beings,”. Just recently APD Foundation, along with Hasiru Dala Foundation joined by various organizations/NGO’s cleaned the area around Nethravati Bridge, and collected huge tonnes of waste- and now we are seeing this ‘WOMAN’ tossing a waste bag into the river. Bah humbug!

But I also do agree with a comment posted on WhatsApp by a young student who feels differently stating, “The government has to provide places to throw the waste. Where should we throw it? There are no systems in place for public waste management even in this Smart City. If we have that in place, of course, people won’t throw waste into water bodies”. But people still have to use their common sense, if there are no waste bins, carry your waste back home or dump it wherever you find a dumpster. But simply don’t dump garbage into rivers, sea etc.

To the lady who threw the garbage into the Nethravati River- this is for you- First of all, it is illegal to dump garbage in a river. Here is what happens: first it is unsightly to find garbage in a river. Many pollutants are in the garbage that will harm fish, mammals, reptiles, amphibians, birds, etc. People that drink the water or eat the fish will be harmed, as well. As the garbage decomposes, it will take oxygen out of the river, further harming animals. Then it will add nutrients like nitrogen and potassium that will lead to algal blooms which is harmful to the animals. Some chemicals break down very slowly like long-chain organics and plastics and will create lasting damage to the ecosystem. Lastly, since the river flows into other rivers, lakes and oceans, the pollution will be spread out far from the dumpsite”.

Hope you understood, Maam, and next time you take a trip to Mangaluru from Bengaluru, please don’t bring your ‘Garden City’ garbage to our ‘Coastal City’ (Education Hub) and pollute our environment – or if you are residing in Mangaluru think before you dump garbage wherever you feel like, especially into the Nethravati River- and don’t get caught once again on the camera. Better learn from your mistake! And dear Maam, I also want you to read the following articles, which shows the efforts put in by old and young people to Keep Nethravati River CLEAN–

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  1. Levy a heavy penalty Of Rs 10000/-. So it acts as a deterrent for future offender’s.

  2. Provide proper facilties to dispose garbage instead orf ashing out at people without getting adequate information. I don’t suppose they were throwing chemicals or anything of the sort which would pollute the river. Yes its wrong but firstly the full information should be provided.

    • Still it’s wrong .All of us should take care that we don’t do it instead of justifying it

  3. Person whoever may be or whatever connections may be shall be heavily punished by a penalty of Rs.25,000/- . No compromise.

  4. Authorities should take action on culprits. Also what about polluting industrial units. They dump waste in to rivers & other areas day & night. They bribe the pollution control department. Authorities close their eyes.
    If any industrial unit is polluting air/water/land authorities should take action according to the law.

  5. As I see in the photos these are the die hard habit of people.they must be doing it from long years .However this has been captured in photo they should be penalized minimum Rs 10000 and the fine receipt should be published in paper.Otherwise such incident keep on repeating again and again.

  6. People should take responsibility. There is a reason for the fence to be there. You should have common sense to not throw across this. And as people suggest here, there should be a huge fine for people throwing garbage.

    Trying to look at it from other angles too. Alfie maam says educated. Why do we want to assume both are educated people? Their act does not seem act of educated people.
    Why do we assume that what they are throwing is a pulltant. What if it is just vegetable waste after cutting or if it is flower from some ritual or if it is some cooked food? All these are perishable, biodegradable and even may be good for fish. Only thing that we are sure is the plastic that is thrown (is harmful). How did they get the plastic – I thought there was ban.
    Another thing is: why are we highlighting just one incident? There are umpteen number of people who throw garbage every day. We have seen some excellent article from Alfie maam on those too. The real onus on pollution lies on government – not the garbage which is people’s responsibility to act sensibly – but even more importantly to ensure industries do not pollute the rivers and seas. The construction on the river banks which release the sewage into the rivers, most of the times without any treatment. cancel the permists of such industries, constructions. SC has shown us that even powerful lobbies cannot escape by ordering luxury homes and buildings built on river banks to be demolished evn though each apartment could cost crores of rupees.
    So let us not be happy catching smallest of the fish when whales of corruption and sharks of illegal dealings are out in the open with absolutely no action on them. SC cannot come in to each case. IT is the responsibility of the central, state and local governments and other governing bodies which should take action

  7. Even educated people lack civic sense. But the same civic sense triggers when Indians visit or live in the west. Reason strict Law Enforcement which is lacking in India.

  8. Please do not fine them, punish them with community service for 3 days each day 8 hours.
    they should do cleaning of hospital, railway station, or public places. This way we can stop
    all those who mess with responsibilities.

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