Rain Beckons

Rain Beckons

I went out for a walk on the heavenly street
The rain God came up to me and said,
“Rain beckons on the Earth,
It’s time for you to have your birth”

Beastly thunders were my welcome song
Out were baubles from the condensed puffs
I dive into field where they count my worth
Rain beckons on the Earth.

I hike on ground in the form of streams
I put the muddy froth on top
I water the plants round its girth
Wow! Rain beckons on the Earth

Queer humans say I’m in frenzy
Others’ simply enjoy me and say
“It’s our life, it’s our mirth
Rain beckons on the Earth.”

Prithvi S J Monteiro
Lourdes Central School, IX B
Bejai, Mangalore-575004

Author: Prithvi S. J. Monteiro