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Ramanath Rai Batting for Muslims, We will Not Let Prabhakar Bhat to be arrested – Shenava

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Ramanath Rai Batting for Muslims, We will Not Let Prabhakar Bhat to be arrested – Jagadish Shenava during Khandana Sabhe

Mangaluru: The Vishwa Hindu Parishad and Bajrang Dal jointly organised a “Khandana Sabhe”, against the State Government for filing cases against Hindu leaders at the Sangha Niketan, Mannagudda here on July 23.

The programme began with an invocation. A minute silence was observed for the soul of Sharath Madival.

Addressing the gathering RSS Zonal Secretary N Sitaram said, “We should work without rest to reach our goal. We should prepare to fight against the present government. If the Constitution of our country is safe, then it is because of the Hindus. Humanity will prevail where there are Hindus, Hindu culture is the only culture which has retained humanity”.

Sitaram further said, “After 60 years CM Siddaramaiah remembered that he is a Hindu. He now says he is Sidda Rama and is a Hindu. If the CM will change his mentality and follow the values of Rama in his life we will respect him. But if the CM becomes Ravana we will not hesitate to destroy his ego. Our leaders like Sharan Pumpwell, Satyajit Suratkal, Harish Punja and others have been booked under section 308, the Hindu community will not be afraid of such cases. Siddaramaiah is not permanent, his tenure will end. Another minister Ramanath Rai in order to remain in power is going to the Temple, church and Mosque to pray for the arrest of the accused in Sharath murder case”.

Co-convener of Bajarang Dal Southern Karnataka, Raghu Sakleshpur addressing the gathering said, “Bajrang Dal from all over the state is with the Dakshina Kannada Bajrang Dal leaders. When Sharath Madival was in his death bed, his father thought of donating Sharath’s organs but his death was announced 20 hours after he had actually died. The Congress government led by Anti Hindu Siddaramaiah did not allow Sharath’s father to fulfil his wish.”

Raghu Sakleshpur further said, “We did not protest because of Section 144, hereafter we will protest against the atrocities on Hindu community. To discriminate the Hindu Community the Anti Hindu CM announced of taking action on Hindus who violate the law. If the police file cases against our leaders we will not give up. Those who involved in Sharath Madival murder case have not yet been arrested but the police have raided Sharan Pumpwell’s house 7 times. If the police have the capacity let them arrest Ramanath Rai and not Sharan Pumpwell or Satyajit”.

District President VHP Jagadish Shenava said, “From the past 50 days the police are unable to arrest Mithun. Later Kalladka Prabhakar Bhat called for a press meet and demanded to transfer the SP since he was unable to handle the situation without imposing section 144. Later there was an attempt on the life of Pavanraj but the accused have not yet been arrested. On June 22 Ashraf was murdered and section 144 was extended, we did not get the opportunity to protest. Within 48 hours the accused in Ashraf Kalayi murder were arrested but the police are unable to arrest the accused in Pavanraj assault case. RSS worker Sharath was assaulted when he was closing the shop. When Sharath was in the hospital his parents decided to donate his organs. We tried to fulfil their wish but on July 7 since there was a Congress programme for which Siddaramaiah attended, the death of Sharath was announced 20 hours after he had actually died. When we informed the doctors to donate the organs, they said it is too late. If Sharath’s organs would have been donated it would have been history since so far organs of only accident victims were donated and not of the victims of assualt”.

Jagadish further said, “When we were taking the body in a procession until B C Road the procession was peaceful but when the procession reached BC Road there was stone pelting. During the stone pelting Satyajit, Sharan Pumpwell, Murali, Harish Punja and Pradeep Pumpwell were in Melkar but the police booked them under 308 and now they are underground. If Hindu leaders are booked under 308 let the police also file cases against the Muslims involved in violence”.

Jagadish Shenava also said, “To arrest the Hindu Leaders Rai needs the police, but to arrest Sharath Madival murder accused he needs God. Let all the police resign and let Rai ask God to arrest all the accused. The police should understand that when they are in Uniform they are police but without the uniform they are Hindus. Sharan Pumpwell has dedicated his life for the Hindu organisation. Bajrang Dal and PFI are not the same, Bajrang Dal is a patriotic organisation and we fight for the protection of Cows but PFI is selfish. Sharath was an active RSS worker, we need to support his family financially.”

“The district administration held a Peace meet which we did not attend because Ramanath Rai was the president of the meet. Ramanath Rai had ordered the SP to arrest Prabhakar Bhat under section 307 but until we are alive we will not allow anyone to arrest Prabhakar Bhat. Ramanath Rai is the main reason for the violence in the district. Ramanath Rai is always batting for the Muslims”, said Jagadish Shenava.

Prof M B Puranik delivered the presidential address. A post card campaign was also initiated on the occasion.

Bhujang Kulal, Gopal Kuthar and others were also present.

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