Recovered 93 Lost or Stolen Mobile Phones were Returned to the Owners by Top Cop

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Recovered 93 Lost or Stolen Mobile Phones were Returned to the Owners by Top Cop/Police Commissioner Kuldeep Kumar R Jain during a programme held at Police Commissioner Conference Hall on Saturday 3 June 2023

Mangaluru: Recently the Central Government has introduced a new Central Equipment Identity Register (CEIR) service at to report phone thefts. With this new portal, now all those people whose mobiles are stolen or roamed can easily register their complaints. This method is very easy, you just have to go online and fill out the registration form. And the biggest feature of the portal is that you can block your mobile so that your important data is not stolen. If your mobile is stolen or lost, you have to register the complaint on the portal and inform C-DOT through helpline number 14422. Thus, the central government will now help you find and block your lost or stolen mobile phone through IMEI verification. And this scheme is also implemented by the Mangaluru Police to trace, recover and return lost or stolen mobile phones to the right owners.

At a programme held at Mangaluru Police Commissioner Conference Hall on Saturday, 3 June, the city police under the initiative of police commissioner Kuldeep Kumar R Jain returned as many as 93 stolen or lost mobile phones to the rightful owners.

Addressing the media persons after handing over mobile phones to their owners, the police commissioner said, ”Till this day, under the limits of the police commissioner, as many as 2,133 complaints have been received to block IMEI numbers on the CEIR portal of lost/stolen mobile phones. The police, as per the request from the owners, have blocked 2,391 IMEI numbers out of which, the police have received information about 524 mobile phones”

“As many as 240 mobile phones were traced and 147 mobile phones were handed over to the real owners of the phones at the police stations in the city. 93 mobile phones were handed over to real owners today. The police department has received 3,000 applications requesting to block phone numbers used for cybercrime offences. As per the complaints, the police have blocked 5,892 IMEI numbers. Earlier, whenever a person approached the police with a mobile phone lost or stolen complaint, police used to give just an acknowledgement. However, now with the CEIR system, everything has changed completely, and details including the IMEI number are uploaded to the CEIR portal, and the phone gets blocked when a complaint is lodged with the police” added the police commissioner.

He further said, “When someone attempts to use the phone with another SIM card, the enforcement authorities are immediately notified, and the same could be tracked. It is nice to note that none of these recovered phones has been used for illegal activities. I urge people to use the portal extensively to trace and recover lost or stolen mobile phones” Also briefing about the rowdy sheeters he said that 62 rowdy sheeters were extended from the district. “Nine people had violated internment orders and RS 1.90 lakh violation fine has been collected from them. Externment has been imposed against habitual offenders, and that already the police have booked Goonda Act against two history sheeters”, he added.

Speaking to Team Mangalorean, Sukumar Shetty, a resident of Mannagudda said, “Even though this phone is tiny and a cheap brand, it had all the important contacts connected with my business. I manage a fair price shop and the customers used to call me on this phone to collect information on the arrival of products. I guess someone might have stolen my phone from the shop. I lost my mobile phone last year”. Overwhelmed Shetty, presented a flower bouquet to the Police Commissioner and thanked him, and he also praised Siddaramaiah for being the CM of Karnataka.

It should be noted as per CEIR says the IMEI number would be printed on the mobile phone box. Those buying used phones should check IMEI status by dialling *#06#, where IMEI gets displayed on the screen. If the status shows ‘Blacklisted’ such phones should not be purchased, advises CEIR.

The city police have started a Google chatbot service wherein people can share information about their stolen or lost mobile phones with police to trace them. The people who lost their mobile have to send ‘Hi’ to WhatsApp number 8277949183. When you send Hi to this number a Google form link will be opened. By clicking this link you can register the complaint requesting to trace the mobile phone.

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