Redefining Beauty Standards

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Redefining Beauty Standards

From a very young age, we’re taught a unique equation.

Fair+Thin    = Beautiful
Tall+Strong = Handsome

Anything falling short of this equation is considered ugly. Having acne, pimples, and scars was a problem, and beauty creams were the solution. Being too short or too thin was solved with protein shakes and energy drinks.

This equation was passed on through generations. So now when we come across magazines displaying images of women with slim figures and tall men with good physique, we spend hours wishing to be like them. Hoping to be thinner or gain some more weight, we starve ourselves to attain a size zero figure and moderate our diets to fit into society’s standard of beauty. We are so unhappy with ourselves; we opt for cosmetic surgeries to correct ‘defects’ of our faces.

Growing up, I’ve always heard remarks on my body like, “you’re too thin, you should eat more”, “You might fly away with the wind” and so on. These voices became the ones in my head. Distorting my body image and increasing my insecurities. It became common to see people acting like health experts giving unsolicited advice. I believe that the only time you should consider changing your diet is when it is negatively affecting your health. Change is needed for improving your wellbeing and not to match social constructs of beauty.

We naturally have different body shapes and skin tone, yet we try to become carbon copies of models from magazines. We don’t realize that everything that sets us apart from others is what makes us beautiful. Our beauty is in our uniqueness. Being completely confident with our body can be difficult, but we can begin by accepting that we’re meant to be different.

Our beauty lies in our differences.

About the writer

                  Rhea Tauro

Rhea Tauro is a 19-year-old student of School Of Social Work Roshni Nilaya pursuing a Bachelor’s degree in psychology. She believes she can express herself the best by writing. She writes poems and write-ups which convey both feelings and messages for the society. She strongly believes in the power of kindness and the magic of art. She lives for the little things in life, like watching sunsets and admiring the moon.


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  1. Very good article. You are making a very good and valid point. We all are unique creation of God and everyone should love their body. Appreciate your maturity and thoughts at such a young age. Keep writing. I look forward to read your future articles.

  2. Well written Rhea as we are proud of you specially your thoughts how to build your inner happiness and live with it.
    You would be an inspiration to many in the years to come. Keep up your good work for the blessings from above.

  3. A meaningful message for Life Rhea Tauro, a genuine voice of the youth to all with originality. Congratulations.

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