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Refueling the Human Spirit During Crisis

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Refueling the Human Spirit During Crisis

As the entire nation is gripped with total lockdown, it is but natural that residents inside their homes begin to feel frustrated and out of work. We are now about a month into the coronavirus scourge. The ‘out- of – work’ situation may probably lead to ‘out-of-mind’ scenarios. If one wishes to see the brighter sides of this crisis, the national lockdown has opened wide the doors of self- improvement, generosity, reaching out to the masses and of course, most importantly, maintaining a hygienic lifestyle.

In the face of the COVID-19 pandemic, when the public has been asked to practice social distancing by staying at home and avoiding nonessential travel, there are a lot of things we can do to uplift the sagging physical and mental well-being. So here are some tips we can use to keep our mind, body, and spirit high.

“We are seeing more patients experiencing several ill effects of emotional distress,” says Dr. Paul Berkowitz, a Psychiatrist based in Chicago- US. So, to keep one’s emotional state stable, it is advisable to practice yoga, meditation, and simple stretching exercises. You need not be an expert in this. Sit in the comfort of your living room, turn on some soothing music to calm your mind and start breathing deeply at a leisurely pace.

Nature is the best healer. Listen to the chirping of the birds which you have been missing all these years. Witness sunrise and sunset and savour the beauty and bounty of Mother Nature. Take a walk in your confined vicinity and leave away all negative emotions and thoughts in the process of loosening your limbs. You can daily check on your plants in the garden and tend to them as much as you like. Whether it’s a flower, fruit or vegetable you’ll be pleased with your success and in tune with nature — a proven stress-reliever. Stay healthy and get outside to enjoy some fresh air.

What to do with our kids while self- quarantining at home? Staying home all day can get boring for children who used to packed days of socializing at school. For parents, this means playing multiple roles at once- entertainer, referee, chef, guide, mentor and teacher. You may help them in conducting an at-home science experiment using materials you probably already have at home, like, matchbox, rope, detergent, bulb, switches, glue, etc. Keep young minds energized by taking online classes with no pressure, just fun and learning. Drawing and colouring cartoons is another very effective method of keeping a busy child active.

You may search YouTube for videos on Zumba, yoga, kick-boxing and other exercise classes. YouTube is jam-packed with exercise videos for kids that will help them burn off extra energy when they can’t get to a park. Choose a video and let them dance it out.

It is time to talk about health and hygiene during a pandemic. Teach the youngsters how to keep the surroundings clean and neat. Also, many working executives have their homes as offices now. So, neighbourhood noise courtesy is encouraged. We should also note that some frontline crisis workers are resting during the day as they work overnight. Therefore we must maintain social courtesy at all times.

When you see any neighbours, ask them how they are doing. Remind them that they matter; that you care; that we are all in this together.

Let’s hope that the health crisis leads to a shift in the way we act as a society. We must exude positive hopes for a roaring 2020, so let’s be sure that the months to come will stabilize our world health and world economies. Even without catching the virus, the pain it is causing is far-reaching. It should not take a virus to encourage people to wash their hands, disinfect their personal belongings or refrain from touching their faces. These should be regular precautions to ensure we remain a healthy and vibrant society.

by Gurudatt Somayaji

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