Rejection of Kerala Tableau: K’taka Cong attacks BJP, RSS

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Rejection of Kerala Tableau: K’taka Cong attacks BJP, RSS

Bengaluru:  The Karnataka Congress has lashed out at the central government and the RSS over the rejection of the tableau of Kerala social reformer Narayana Guru for the Republic Day parade. Opposition leader Siddaramaiah and former Rajya Sabha member and present Congress MLC B.K. Hariprasad condemned the central government over the issue.

Siddaramaiah tweeted: “Does Hindu Hriday Samrat not know that the tableau of Narayana Guru, a social reformer of Hindu religion has been rejected? Does BJP and central government have any morality to talk about Hindu religion when they have insulted Narayana Guru, who rebelled against untouchability and Brahminical hegemony a century ago and dedicated himself to the reformation of Hindu religion?”

“It is surprising that PM Modi is still silent on the insult caused to Narayana Guru, right under his authority. How should we understand this?” He quipped.

“Does he (PM Modi) agree to the insult? When I was the CM of Karnataka, a decision was made to celebrate Narayana Guru Jayanthi by the state government. After this, his messages have reached the nook and corner of the state. The central government should apologize for their act of insult to Narayana Guru and his tableau must be allowed,” he demanded.

“Social reformer Narayana Guru was honoured by Nobel laureate Rabindranath Tagore, Mahatma Gandhi and Dr B.R. Ambedkar. The same person has been insulted by the union government controlled by Sangh Parivar,” stated B.K. Hariprasad.

During the Republic Day parade celebrations, tableaus representing the nation’s culture, religion, history, and military capabilities would be displayed and states would send the tableaus of persons who contributed immensely to the community in the state.

“The Kerala government had sent the proposal of tableaus of social reformer Narayana Guru and it has been rejected by the central government. By doing this, the central government has insulted historical, revolutionary social reformer. Indirectly, the central government is propagating caste system, gender inequality and exploitation, with its gesture,” Hariprasad charged.

“There are documentary proofs on the roots of Narayana Guru in Kerala. Hundreds of pieces of evidence are available for the work of social reform he took up in Kerala. Narayana Guru fought hard on caste exploitation, inequality and especially he worked for oppressed classes and declared that there is one god, one religion and one caste,” Hariprasad explained.

Hariprasad further stated that after learning about the social reforms brought about by Narayana Guru, Mahatma Gandhi visited Shivagiri Mutt in Kerala. “Narayana Guru’s ‘Vaikam’ struggle was supported and honoured. The selection committee has insulted such a man. This is not an insult to Narayana Guru, this is an insult to crores of people belonging to exploited classes of the country,” he said.

The central government should apologize for the mistake and permit a tableau of Narayana Guru in the Republic Day parade, he demanded.

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  1. I agree with congress leaders. It is not right to reject Narayan Guru’s Tableau.
    Only question is – if Kerala had shown Narayan Guru in a right way? If not, it is better not to approve that, rather than approve and regret.

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