Rejuvenated KAVOOR KERE/LAKE for Rs 8 Crore to be Inaugurated on 21 March

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Rejuvenated KAVOOR KERE/LAKE for Rs 8 Crore to be Inaugurated Today, Tuesday 21 March at 4.30 pm

Mangaluru: The Mangaluru Smart City Limited (MSCL) has completed 98% of the Kavoor Kere rejuvenation works, and the formal inauguration is to be held this Tuesday, 21 March evening. The 8.3-acre lake will act as a major source for the recharge of groundwater. Following the rejuvenation of Gujjerekere Lake, this is Mangaluru Smart City Ltd’s (MSCL’s) second lake development project. The rejuvenation works taken up for Rs 8 crore, began in 2020, but saw a setback due to the pandemic and other issues, including encroachments, following which experts’ advice was taken, and the lake development committee of the state government also visited the lake.

After the rejuvenation work of Kavoor lake, one of the historic and largest freshwater bodies in Mangaluru City Corporation (MCC) limits, the expansive lakefront wearing a completely fresh look. A source of water for agricultural activities and drinking water for the residents of surrounding areas, the lake spread across 8.32 acres and gradually became a cesspool with the inflow of sewage and other waste, like any other water body in urban areas. The Mangaluru Smart City Ltd., (MSCL) took up the rejuvenation work at an estimated cost of Rs 8 crore, which involved cutting sewage inflow into the lake, dredging the lake bed, strengthening the bunds and other works.

An 800 m-long interlock-paved walking path on the lake bund would be a welcome relief for thousands of residents of the area who did not have a proper breathing space. Besides the walking path, protection grills, small gardens at places, lighting and seating arrangements and such other works are completed. Residents of the area now heave a sigh of relief as their years of fighting for the rejuvenation of the lake has borne fruit.

Speaking to Team Mangalorean, MSCL General manager (technical) Er Arun Prabha KS said, “The improvement and upgradation of the lake were taken up as a part of the rainwater harvesting initiative. The purpose is to improve the socio-cultural value of the surrounding area and redevelop the same as a recreational area. Some of the works taken up include continuous walking and jogging track of 827 m, modernisation and upgrade of the existing sluice gate at the outlet, seating and the recreational area created, and chain link fence erected to define the lake periphery, and also on the inner periphery, for safety. A four-wheeler and two-wheeler parking area has also been developed”.

“The lake receives inflow from three major points, including Maryhill, Bondel and Kavoor. The lake is of historical significance. However, earlier, after the first few spells of rain, the waste from upstream would get accumulated in the lake. All issues, including seepage from UGD lines and the grey water entering the lake, have been plugged in. A silt trap has been created on top of the lake, to prevent waste from getting into the water, and a diversion canal has been created right up to the outlet. We have developed the lake in such a way that it requires minimal periodic maintenance”.

” The lake is already attracting migratory birds. At least 300 species of birds have started visiting the lake. It has become a bird watcher’s delight. People have already started using the facility. The night view of the lake is amazing. Work on installing fountains is on, the lake is well illuminated, the quality of water is less toxic, and efforts are on to bring it to the desired level. Meanwhile, NITK Surathkal and the AJ Institute of Technology are also monitoring the development of the lake. MSCL has also developed two Kalyanis (small ponds) within the lake, one for the Avabhrita Snana of Mahalingeshwara and another, converting an existing well inside the lake” added Er Arun Prabha.

On a final note, as of now, the rejuvenated Kavoor Lake looks excellent with the facilities needed by the public for leisure pleasure and exercise, but hopefully, it won’t be dilapidated in a few months due to lack of maintenance, like we have seen or seen some of the projects, including parks, etc launched recently landing into a total disaster. Hope it won’t be the case with the Kavoor Lake, but you never know- just keep your fingers crossed!

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